Wednesday, February 4, 2015


Sometimes I realize I am such a dreamer.

I have so many dreams.

Today I almost bawled my eyes out because I felt so lost. I felt like...what am I doing? I feel like something is missing. What's wrong? Something is out of place. Within my SOUL!


I went to yoga tonight for the first time in AGES. I went because my danged feet are ridiculous and their arches have fallen and balh blah blah...they hurt all the time. End of story. Point is- I went to yoga because of a lesser strain on the feet you know? Well I was there and kept thinking- WHY HAVE I GONE SO LONG WITHOUT YOGA! Do you not remember you are freaking inlove with yoga? That it centers you? That it belongs in your life?!?!! Namaste.

Dreams came souring back to me that I used to have. I used to yoga at least twice a week. It was brilliant! I remember dreaming of becoming a yoga instructor. How amazing would that be! Ah!

I dream of CREATING and people consuming of my work and it making their life happier. I love to create! I love pretty things. I want to make pretty things. I love to create pretty spaces. Ugh.

Another dream. I dream of having the perfect house that has everything I want in it...but I just never have enough money to do that. Slow and steady I guess.

I REALLY dream have having a house full of little children just running around in happiness while their parents are home working away, playing with them, creating, and loving every second! I think that will happen one way or the other.

Seriously, I was in quite the slumps earlier, and one session of yoga turned me around. See why I need it more in my life? I MUST DO THAT MORE.

In other news- Asher is quite literally the cutest baby that ever lived. Oh, he gets me. Here's one thing though...he is SERIOUSLY dramatic. Like, I am pretty positive he is wayyyy more dramatic than any other baby I've ever seen. He is really getting down the fake cry and its kinda hilarious. I actually love it when he's dramatic. I bet I wont when he's older...but right now, he's so funny. He also has gotten into this great habit of pooping about 30 minutes after I put him down for a nap. Like, every time. Which wakes him up for good. It's awesome!

Alrighty, till next time.