Sunday, September 1, 2013

25 in 25

On my birthday when I turned 25 I made a list of 25 things I wanted to do in my 25th year. Here is a current list with the things crossed off that I've completed! I will continue updating this as I complete each one. 

  1. Ride my bike around the river
  2. Do yoga everyday for a month
  3. Go on a zipline
  4. Float Mack's inn river
  5. Go with Clay on the motorcycle to Mesa Falls
  6. Grow a garden
  7. Read a Jane Austen book
  8. Make a blog book for each year that I've been blogging
  9. Travel somewhere I've never been before
  10. Have a friend over for brunch on one of my days off
  11. Go to temple once a week for a month
  12. Reupholster another chair
  13. Paint another painting
  14. Make a new quilt
  15. Have a get together for Halloween time
  16. Have a get together for Christmas time
  17. Write a song
  18. Have no sugar/treats from my birthday to Clay's
  19. Plant flowers in our front yard and keep them alive
  20. Go for a walk everyday for a month
  21. Go rock climbing
  22. Redecorate above the piano
  23. Redecorate hallway
  24. Give my neighbors and friends a Christmas gift
  25. Write a book about my Lyme experience

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