Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Clay and I went to a party with a bunch of couples from the ward and dressed up as "The Walking Dead" characters. If you aren't aware, it's this disgusting tv show about zombies that Clay wisely knows I couldn't handle...but he LOVES it! He is the hero of the show, Sheriff Grimes, and I am a nasty Zombie.

We tried really hard to make me have real looking wounds...I turned out alright I think!

Clay and I carved these pumpkins. I did the Jack Skelington one and Clay did the cat. Aren't they amazing?! I mean seriously, I have never done a cool pumpkin before and I'm seriously seriously impressed. We did the carving at Clay's parents house and it was so fun! I haven't done it in so long and I'm just so glad we did it this year. 

For work I went as Harry Potter.

Well, Halloween. What to say. Last year I remember being SO glad that I bought two bags of candy (big ones). We had so many trick or treators! So of course, I bought two huge bags from Sams Club. I sorted the candy we liked best and the candy we didn't like as much to hand out the worse ones first. We didn't even get through the bad candy! We have SO MUCH CANDY LEFT! 

I am happy to report that I didn't eat any of our candy today. Sigh...I really really wanted to. But I am trying really hard to be healthier and that just isn't in the diet. I'm not worried though, we have enough candy to last us forever so whenever I decide to eat it, it will most likely be there. 

Tomorrow I have the day off, thank goodness. I plan on doing the following:

Cleaning floors
Cleaning room
Cleaning bathroom
Making Dinner

It'll be a pretty good day I think.

Our basement bathroom is getting closer and closer to being complete and we are so excited! It's looking so good! 

Well, I can't believe it's November already. I'm going to admit something to you. I have been listening to Christmas music the past couple days. It's been so cold and gloomy and I've had some emotional days and it just comforts me. I'm not regretful at all about it!

I watched You've Got Mail the other day, and seriously? That movie is the best. It really just is. I love it. 

Now I'm watching Sleepless in Seattle. 

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Eat lots of candy for me and enjoy it.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Hello! This picture is from a ropes course we did last weekend. My enthusiasm in this picture didn't last very long. But it was fun overall.

What to say what to say. I think I will do another high and low post.

High: For 11 straight days I didn't eat sugar or gluten, and I exercised everyday except Sunday! Isn't that amazing? While I did this my body felt better than it had in years. I was juicing, making meals, exercising, cleaning, working, everything was fantastic.

Low: On Saturday and Sunday I pigged out on Halloween Candy. It was so delicious! And today when I worked out my joints hurt so much. I had a hard time squatting (which tonight's class does a LOT of), and my elbows hurt off and on throughout. I don't know how many times I have to learn that sugar REALLY REALLY makes a difference on how my body feels. Like a lot.

High: I am currently blogging on my new chromebook! I like it a lot. It's super light and easy to use and it's just perfect for what I use the internet for.

Low: It is so chilly snowed :( I timed my grocery shopping perfectly so that I got out of the store when it was POURING rain and it was FREEZING! I was really happy about this (not).

High: We got a gun! I will talk more about that later, but suffice it to say...I have more talents and skills than even I am aware of!

High: We are in the process of finishing our basement bathroom right now, it is so exciting!

Low: The plumber informed us our pipes are filled with tree roots. Great.

So much more has been going on...but that's all I can muster for tonight. Life is quite good! I have bouts of sadness for whatever reason...but seriously, we are very happy most of the time and have such a comfortable life. It hasn't always been this way, so I am very happy when it is!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Home again, home again, jiggity jig!

Well, we are home.

Oregon was wonderful as always! My momma spoiled me and I ate lots of goodies. I'll talk more about that later when I have time to upload some photos.

For now, I am happy to be home in my house that I really do love! I'll tell you something- before I left, I cleaned that house very good because Makayla (sister-in-law) was going to spend the night for a few nights to watch Dante until Clay's parents could take over at their house. I didn't mop the floors...but that was pretty much the only thing I didn't do. I'm so happy I did that! I came home exhausted to a clean house that even smelled good! Clay's first words when we walked in was, "Does it smell good to you?" we were shocked. We have one of those smelly plug ins...but I think the stench of our often overflowing trash always overpowers it...and since I emptied all the trashes and everything was clean, it allowed the house to be filled with the nice plug in smell. What a treat!

Also- I must update you since you know, I've whined quite a bit about it. The fruit fly situation. 

I am so happy to report that they are DEAD! ALL OF THEM! I made the decision to throw away all the fruits we had left (not too many) out in the OUTSIDE garbage before we left. I also put a fresh trap of apple cider vinegar with dawn in a glass measuring cup with plastic wrap tightly covering it with small holes poked in it. It's so disgusting but do you know how happy I was to come home and see probably hundreds of fruit flies DEAD in that trap?! Oh! It was marvelous! I shall never be so happy again! At least not until my next big accomplishment.

In other news I am cutting sugar and treats until Thanksgiving. Clay is going to do his mightiest to do this as well. I am supposed to remind him to talk to his mother about hiding treats when we go to their house...because...this is one thing we have learned. In a serious way recently. Food really does make our bodies feel different. Sugar, and fast food make it hurt. Juices and whole food make them have more energy. I mean, it isn't rocket science. But a bit of an accidental experiment happened a couple weeks ago. We decided to have chick file for dinner like we love to do and Clay went to play basketball later that night. He said it was so hard and he was dragging like he never had before...and BOOM. We understood that dang fast food saps the energy right out of us! It's so hard to resist though!

I am going to try and do more freezer meals so that I don't get fast food as much. Working full time and going to the gym make it pretty hard for me to make dinner.

Oh also, I am quite motivated to get our 72 hour kits in order and purchase some guns. I will talk more about that later. But the funny thing is, my motivation came from watching a movie about zombies. Go figure.

Alright, well that is about it for now. Lots to do, lots to catch up on.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Highs and lows

I feel like these days I have been having all sorts of highs and lows. I mean seriously. I can be on top of the world one minute and in the depths of despair the next! That's okay. I think Clay is even getting used to it. 

Low: I hate doctors! I really do. I have had some doctors help me a ton sure, actually not really. I can think of one doctor. Actually two. One helped me get much better from Lyme Disease, the other gave me an allergy shot. Both were great helps in my life. But for the most part, I despise doctors. At least the ones I've come in contact with. Doctors go to school for like 8 years, or 12 or something. So that makes them feel entitled and makes them think they know everything. And it makes them think they know more about diseases than you do, when they've never experienced them in their life. To me, a doctor telling me about Lyme not existing, is like me telling someone that has eaten a starfruit, that starfruits don't really exist, because I have never tasted one. All of this is to say, we encountered a doctor recently that told us that we probably never really had Lyme Disease, and that the doctor who treated us didn't follow the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) and that the CDC is a huge organization and anyone who doesn't trust that probably doesn't know what they are talking about. I didn't say this, because just trust me when I say it wasn't the right time, but I wanted to say- Yes, the CDC is so trustworthy that for years and years it fought Lyme specialists on the fact that they were grossly underreporting the amount of Lyme cases that occured each year. For years they said less than 30,000 cases of Lyme were occuring each year. And what do you know, the CDC came out with a huge statement just a few months ago that said, "Woops! We underreported by TEN TIMES! Meaning the more accurate report would be that there were 300,000 cases of Lyme JUST LAST YEAR!" Yep Mr. Doctor who knows all, that is your trusted CDC who underreported a horrible disease by ten times! No wonder it's not getting the research it should! But I didn't say any of that. We just moved on. But I'll tell you that this is the typical attitude of medical doctors and it makes my body have these awful feelings and my face has these awful twitches from trying to keep my mouth shut (when appropriate). 

High: I love wearing scarfs again! See that picture? I like it because it shows two fall-y things that are quite nice. Scarf, and jean jacket. I have never been a jean jacket person. Never. One day I thought, I need a jean jacket. So I started looking for one. Target came through and had one that fit me like a button! I got it and it just makes me feel a bit more grown up. I'm not sure why...I think its  just that I never used to buy things that are "staples" I just bought like, a super cute outfit or whatever. Nothing that could go with lots of things. I've been seeking staples a bit more these days. I think that's what makes me feel a bit more grown up. 

Low: I not only still have fruit flies, but I also have a few buzzing flies around my kitchen. I am convinced God created flies of all kinds to try and test human beings. These flies can get me quite worked's a trial. But I suppose God may have also created them to try and keep your house clean. My poor house. I just don't clean it enough.

High: Clay's book! This has been a big high. We have been so pleased and seriously thank you to everyone who is facebooking, pinteresting, buying, reviewing. We are so blessed! It is seriously so exciting. And to everyone who has read it, please leave a review on Amazon!!! And if you haven't read it, what are you waiting for?! Click HERE to get it! 

Low: Call me a broken record, but when will I get to be a mom already? It really all comes back to this. It's a frustrating thing for me. I have moments of trusting in God's plan for me and I have moments of saying, "But wait- why me?" It is a vicious cycle. I am mostly okay. But I have found that every once in a while something that upsets me, that has nothing to do with even having a baby, can set me off in a wicked way that makes all emotions crashing down and I remember how much I hurt from all of my trials. Like, one day I asked Clay to go get some dinner for us and he didn't feel like it and he didn't and I BAWLED MY EYES OUT! ha! Seriously! Clay thought I was insane I'm pretty sure, but what the truth it really wasn't about that. I think it was more of a "why can't anything go my way?!" type of cry. "Why do I have a dumb disease? Why can't I get pregnant? Why is it so hard for me to make dinner and clean my kitchen consistently?" type of thing. One that was just the extra push to make all my emotions come down. This doesn't happen too often (I don't think) but when it does it comes down hard and it is hard on me. But I always pull it together and am fine afterwards. Sunday's are always, always hard for me. I have been trying to snap out of this habitual emotional response I have. Where I sit and see babies and children and moms and families and I am sitting there alone. Even if I'm next to someone, I am still alone. Clay doesn't go to church these days because his immune system is still fragile and he gets sick everytime he goes. So I go to church and try my best to focus on the talks and things, but it is hard. Thank heavens for my new calling! I teach the 11 year old girls in primary and they are seriously heaven-sent. They are adorable and sweet and eager to learn and they are also great examples to me. I hope I am teaching them well. 

High: I am going to Oregon in three days. YAY! Do you know how often I crave the ocean and sand? Often. I am so excited to spend time with my parents and smell the salty fish aroma in the air. It will be wonderful. Not to mention a whole week of sleeping in. Heaven. 

Well, that is pretty much all I can think of. I am happy it's October and we are heading into the holidays. Holidays make me happy.