Thursday, November 14, 2013

Things that just....ugh

Wanna know what makes me a little annoyed, but also giggle at the same time?


So lately all these people have been pinning, facebooking, etc, "How to deseed a pomegranate in less than 5 minutes!" and I even saw an article on Yahoo about it. was some revolutionary thing. Hoorah for the world! They've figured it out!

Well. I guess all I have to say about that is that Martha taught me how to do that method over 7 years ago. Cut it in half, whop it with a wooden spoon, walah! Seriously. I just can't believe it's taken the world this long. If everyone watched/learned from Martha like I believe they should, then really...we'd all be better off.

Let me tell you something else that irks me. I often express my passion for Cadbury Mini Eggs. You they are the best candy known to man. Well, the problem is, about 90% of people that I express my passion to says, "Ohhhhhhhhh I love those eggs. The creme is sooo good." or something to that effect in which my body starts convulsing into hysteria and I want to scream "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!" I don't know. It just really irks me. Cadbury Mini Eggs are like so much better in every single way than Cadbury CREME eggs. Eck. I don't even like those creme eggs. They are disgusting. So of course then I have to have the discussion, "NO- the mini eggs, with the hard shells?" and then they are like, "Oh yeah those are good". Like it's nothing! It's upsetting. Another thing I feel the world should have caught on to by now.

Did you know that Lady Gaga is going to outerspace to perform in 2015? Yeah. It's like some big deal or something because she will be the first to perform in outer space. But here's the deal. She will be videoed, and broadcast...on earth. Like, who cares? I got to thinking about this and there are two big points that I thought of:

1. How do I even know she is in space? If it's just a video then its like...umm....she could be in a green room for all I know. And how is she performing? In a spaceship? Are they building a stage for her in a space shuttle? I started to realize that if I had been around when the spaceship landed on the moon, I may have been one of those conspiracy people who thinks it wasn't real. I mean, I definitely think it's real now...but I can see why people doubted. And I guess the more I learn about the entertainment business, and media, the more I learn that its mostly all lies.

2. I get sick on airplanes when there is turbulence. I can't IMAGINE the turbulence sickness going through the...ATMOSPHERE! Hello? How is she supposed to perform after going through space? I dunno.

The whole thing is a bit on the ridiculous side to me. May as well wait until there is a community living in space, like Zenon, Girl of the 21st Century. (Zoom, zoom, zoom, make my heart go boom boom my super nova girl!) 

Well, that's all for now. Check in next week for my professional outlook on current news.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013


So...I have decided. I have a way better idea about how Thanksgiving should go. Thanksgiving should be on the first Thursday of the month, not the fourth! Then the rest of November up until Christmas, can be Christmas time! Who's with me? I say we all just decide to do this. Thanksgiving, this Thursday, and then we can start on Christmas. It's not like the stores don't already do that.

I know lots of people are all thanky and stuff and that's just fine I suppose, but if I'm being honest, I get sick of it. When I look on facebook and see the same thanky stuff over and over "I'm so grateful for a warm bed" or, "I'm so thankful for my dear sweet husband", I just get a little...bleh.

Thanksgiving basically just has one day of great food and I love that day. But half the reason I love that day is because I start watching Christmas movies that day, and decorating the next.

Christmas for me is like a sister. I miss it. I long for it. I look up pictures of it to help tie me over.

I listened to a Christmas song today (who am I kidding...I listened to tons of Christmas songs today) and I almost cried. I mean I just loved it so much that it about made me cry. THAT is my level of Christmas connection.

That being said, I do cry pretty easily these days. I am on some medication that pretty much makes me very emotional. I end up crying because I'm crying. Like, I start off crying...about something silly...and then I start crying more because I am crying, about something silly. Hopefully I wont have to be on this danged medicine for much longer.

In other news, Clayton loves very much grapefruit and carrot juice. I don't particularly like it at all. But I drink it because of the vitamin C. And it's nice to have Clayton like something like that so much. Do you know how many carrots we drink? Lots! And did you know grapefruit is just chalk-full of goodness?! That's why I drink it. Clay LOVES the grapefruity taste. My face scrunches at it.

That's all for now, I shall go cry that it is still Thanksgiving time! (just joking, I'm fine about it. I am going to try and make some fall decor to brighten my Thanksgiving mood a bit- that fallish decor in the picture above is about the only thing that makes me happy about November, and my sister was born in November so I suppose I'm glad it exists)

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Friday fun

This picture has nothing to do with this post. It was taken in Oregon. But Clay tells me that a post with a picture is much better than one without, so.

Well yesterday I did the dishes, cleaned the floors, cleaned a bathroom, got adjusted at the chiro (essential), sewed with a new friend, got a new costume from the halloween store at a discounted price, painted my nails, curled my hair, and changed my outfit three times! Yep, three times. In the morning I wore a sweater, but once I got to cleaning later in the day I had to change into a t-shirt, and once I realized we were going out at night I had to change into something a bit more sizzling.

I met a new friend and it's so funny how things go. We met at JoAnns and we just clicked...similar style, easy to talk to. So she gave me her number and we set up a time to have a sewing date! We finally had that date yesterday and it was so fun. I'm so excited! I love new friends and especially ones who will inspire me with sewing. Small world- Clay took her sister on a date in high school, and she used to be friends with Harmoni, Clay's sister. She's so cute and I'm so excited to get to know her better...and have more sewing dates!

It's official. Meg Ryan has the ability to play the most adorable characters ever. And Tom Hanks is naturally charming. I wish that they would make a million more feel good movies together because I'd probably watch one a day.

We saw Enders Game in the theater and it was surprisingly so good! It's fun to go to the theatah.

Clay and I have our little motivational play money system you know? The dollar for abstaining from gluten and sugar and the dollar for exercising? Well we decided when we made that system that we wouldn't spend any other money on fun things- just what we earn is spent on fun things. Well...we've done okay at that. But we also decided sometimes there are things for the house that can fall into the miscellaneous a toolbox. Well, my current project is convincing Clay that outdoor Christmas lights are indeed, a miscellaneous budget item...not a fun personal item. It is for the house, for mutual enjoyment, and while we're at it, community enjoyment. I'm pretty confident in my analysis that it is, in fact, a miscellaneous budget item. I'm not so sure Clay agrees with me but this is what I'm working on.

Today is mostly about relaxation, but Clay is baptizing his cousin's daughter later on today. I have never seen Clay baptize anyone before so I'm pretty excited about it. I'm also hoping to paint my toenails at some point...

Hope you all have a good weekend!