Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Okay, sure. Why not?

Well, WHY NOT? I guess I'll try this again. Cause baby is stomping his feet in his crib at 9:47pm and I dunno. I don't see myself falling asleep anytime soon.

Being a mom is a funny thing. I mean, for me right now...I am in the phase of: "Do I let him cry for 5 minutes to see if he falls asleep? Or will that overstimulate him and he will have an even HARDER time falling asleep? But if I go give him his passifier now, am I just teaching him I'm at his beck and call every time he makes a peep? Aren't I making it so he has no ability to self-soothe? But he DID have a runny nose today which maybe means I should comfort him or give him some slack in this self-soothing department?" In fact, these are the very thoughts that are running through my mind RIGHT. THIS. INSTANT. Because really, he's crying and it's just sad.

I hate hearing my baby cry. But! His face can be really cute sometimes when he does it. But I really don't love letting him cry all by his lonesome in a dark room. UGHHH the dilemmas of a first time over-thinking mom.

In other news...I LOVE LISTS. How do you people live in this world without lists?! Here is the truth. I have a spiral notebook that every single day turns a new page. Every day I write a list of "To Do Today". It is mostly the same each day, but certain things rotate.

ALSO, I have a list that is permanent on my fridge. It's a cleaning schedule. NO. I AM NOT PERFECT AT THIS! I know you all love to think I perfectly stick to my organization and lists, but no. Usually my daily to do lists contain what I was supposed to do the day before. Sigh...I try my best. But I actually LOVE my cleaning schedule list.

Side note: I just heard him cough like a CHOKING sound and then SILENCE! Of course I run in there and what do you know? The child has his fingers in his mouth. He just gagged himself. Stinker. 

So back to the cleaning schedule. It goes something like this.

Mondays: Change sheets and do laundry (Just FYI, I barely ever change my sheets. I put this down in hopes that I become a better person and change my sheets...but it hasn't helped)
Tuesdays: Baseboards and dusting.
Wednesday: Windows and wipe down banister
Thursday: Bathrooms
Friday: Fridge, microwave, stove (outer stove)
Saturday: Monthly item

Wipe up slobber (FROM THE DOG!)
Make bed (this has actually been LIFE CHANGING!)
Floors (another that is just wishful thinking)

Clean oven
Vaccum stairs
Clean tubs (yep, I barely EVER do those)
Something else that I can't remember right now and am too lazy to get up and look on my fridge

Now, again...I am sooooo imperfect at this schedule, but honestly it helps a lot! My kitchen is mostly clean, the slobber is way better maintained, and everything else is doing pretty good too. Hoorah!

Also, I make my lists first thing in the morning after I get Asher up.

I guess that'll be all for now. I hope that sweet perfect blessed baby boy goes to sleep eventually.

Till next time.