Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Still here

Sigh...who knows how this blogging thing will continue, but sometimes I just feel the need to write.

Being a mom is extremely hard. Some days are magnificent. Everything goes right, and I think- YES! This is what I was looking for! But truthfully, most days are HARD. Like today for instance, when my sweet baby boy decided to take ONE NAP! Seriously! Like...he usually takes a few. And he was so tired too. All day long...rubbing his eyes, soooooo fussy. Literally, he cried most of the day. And I kept trying and trying to get him to sleep, and he would do it for 15 min max. Sigh....needless to say, I am making a brownie in a mug right now.

In other news, I've been slowly making a quilt here and there. I finished the top! Now its just a matter of putting it all together and quilting it Hopefully I can manage that...

Clay no longer works at his job. There was a huge lay-off and....his entire department was a part of it. Pretty big bummer, but we are thinking a blessing in the long run. All things happen for a reason! And I truly believe we are going to head in a better direction from this. I get stressed sometimes about it, but mostly I am hopeful.

It's been nice that Clay doesn't have to go into work in the mornings because I can go to the gym! 4 workout classes a week! BOOM!

Well, that'll be all for now. My brownie in a mug just got done and I will go eat it and watch tv. I really wish I had energy and emotion enough to work on my quilt...buuuut...I don't! Oh well.