Monday, September 16, 2013

The Bible is wierd

I'm sorry, it just is.

I already struggled with the whole Rachel scenario with babies and just some odd stuff...

But now I'm in Exodus and all these laws are being given. I know these laws all changed once Christ came, but let me give you a run down.

It goes on and on about if a man kills a man, then he must die. If a man does something else to a man, he dies. All about doing things to MEN. They DIE. Then it starts talking about a woman. If you kill a woman, you will be punished. If you hurt her and cause her to have a miscarriage, you get punished. And then all the servants, it says you will be punished but there is a caveat, saying- is their money (servants aren't really counted as PEOPLE- they are considered money...eck!).

And then there is all this talk about giving your daughter for wife and the whole thing is just awful to think about. I feel so awful for these women that lived back then that were just placed in some man's arms as their wife.

I struggle with this. It's one of those things I suppose I need to ask Heavenly Father about when I die and pass on to the other side cause I just don't get it. I believe in the Bible, and I follow it...but some of those early years of the earth are sure mind boggling. Were the brains not fully developed back then? Had evolution not fully taken its course on human's brains and caused them to not be able to function in decent manners? Is this why God made these laws? I truly wonder.

Oh well. I suppose I just need to move on from it. It's so funny because I was just reading a talk from last General Conference and it was about marriage, and it specifically says that respect is essential to happiness in marriage. It says this, "Practices from any place or any time in which husbands have dominated wives or treated them in any way as second-class partners in marriage are not in keeping with divine law and should be replaced by correct principles and patterns of behavior." The talk clearly states that all decisions are made together, we are equals, all the things that feel right you know? So...clearly these bible times were not in line with divine law, which makes me wonder how those laws came to place? Again with the evolution of man....I think I'm convinced that humans just didn't have the capacity that we obviously eventually had? Who knows.

Clearly, I was born in the right time.


  1. Holy smokes I struggle with this so much I just have to not think about it. I've never thought of it before now, but maybe those weren't the laws and that's one of the things that got rewritten. That would make me feel a lot better. But what about how abraham sent his wive's handmaid/slept with/ had a KID WITH and sent them into the DESERT with bread and a bottle of water? How did they even survive? How did that even happen? Yeah. Don't get it at all. At all. Love you!

    This also erks me with polygamy, but that clearly isn't a "misunderstood" "wasn't really that way" kind of thing. I will never understand it. Never.

  2. YEAH. basically dido to everything. This is how I am with polygamy, I really struggle with polygamy.