Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Still here

Sigh...who knows how this blogging thing will continue, but sometimes I just feel the need to write.

Being a mom is extremely hard. Some days are magnificent. Everything goes right, and I think- YES! This is what I was looking for! But truthfully, most days are HARD. Like today for instance, when my sweet baby boy decided to take ONE NAP! Seriously! Like...he usually takes a few. And he was so tired too. All day long...rubbing his eyes, soooooo fussy. Literally, he cried most of the day. And I kept trying and trying to get him to sleep, and he would do it for 15 min max. Sigh....needless to say, I am making a brownie in a mug right now.

In other news, I've been slowly making a quilt here and there. I finished the top! Now its just a matter of putting it all together and quilting it Hopefully I can manage that...

Clay no longer works at his job. There was a huge lay-off and....his entire department was a part of it. Pretty big bummer, but we are thinking a blessing in the long run. All things happen for a reason! And I truly believe we are going to head in a better direction from this. I get stressed sometimes about it, but mostly I am hopeful.

It's been nice that Clay doesn't have to go into work in the mornings because I can go to the gym! 4 workout classes a week! BOOM!

Well, that'll be all for now. My brownie in a mug just got done and I will go eat it and watch tv. I really wish I had energy and emotion enough to work on my quilt...buuuut...I don't! Oh well.

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  1. Yea! A blogger! Seriously, I don't even like blogging anymore because no one reads it. I mean, I LIKE to blog, I'd put it somewhere, but no one has time for anything anymore- and I totally understand. We're just all in the little kid super busy phase. Maybe in 10 years we'll all have more time? Hopefully? Being a Mom is super hard. Oh man. Greg and I keep coming more and more to terms with Marius being our last. When he cries or won't go to sleep or WHATEVER it is, we're doing ok, we're not mad at him, but all we can think is, "This has to be the last time. I am not doing this again." As in, not doing the whole "baby stage" thing again. It is just so dang hard. We are utterly exhausted. It keeps getting harder, and Marius is the EASIEST baby we've ever had- and we've always had easy babies. Like babies crying all day? I have no idea what that feels like. I probably don't know, because Heavenly Father knows if I was in charge of a kid like that, I would likely end up killing them. Literally, I just can't handle that much. It's too hard for me. So really- I MAJORLY admire your motherly work. I think you're a Saint. You should see how quickly I lose my patience and I'm better than I've EVER been! Really! But trust in that THIS PHASE is the hardest. It will SOOOOO get easier. It's all about that sleep, I tell ya. I love you. Thanks for blogging. I love writing things out. It is so theraputic. I love you. And I miss you. I miss everybody. I never talk to anyone anymore and you're all awake all the time! It's torture!!!!