Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Hate in my Heart

I'm not much of a hateful person. Really. I can generally see the good in most things. I would say I'm an optimist. However....there are three things that I am specifically HATING right now.

Fruit Flies. These little pests have decided to swarm my house. I'm guessing you haven't seen any at your house lately cause guess what? They have ALL decided to shack up at my house. ALL of them! No seriously, I haven't ever seen so many fruit flies. I'm pretty positive it's because I got a box full of peaches and they ripened faster than I anticipated and I still let them sit in the box and before you know it some on the bottom apparently were getting all soft and juicy and the fruit flies came. So of course I sorted all the peaches into piles of good ones that I can still eat, bad ones that need disposing of (thank goodness that was only a few) and ones that I need to cut up and juice because they are almost to the disposing of group. But of course these little buggers just live forever and find other things to feast on. It doesn't help that my kitchen is a mess. I am planning on fixing this problem tonight by thoroughly cleaning the kitchen and setting up little traps of apple cider vinegar and dawn (thanks pinterest!).

Allergies. I know...I KNOW! I talk about this every year. But if you had allergies like I do, I think you would too. I take allergy medicine, and it barely ever works. This year I tried a new one, Alovert or something like that- and it works WAY better than the others...but I'm still pretty itchy eyed and still sneeze quite a bit. And if I FORGET one day to take it, oh my gosh. The worst.

Making dinner. I envy all of you amazing humans out there that love to make dinner. I HATE IT. I can never think of anything to make, and when I do- I feel too lazy to do it. It always makes for dirty dishes which I also hate doing. Then there's the whole ordeal of not quite knowing if it's going to turn out. Or dealing with if it does turn out and I love it, but Clay hates it. I was thinking last night how I need to start a dinner group, but I just don't have time for it. When would I make my meals? I don't know. I'm still considering it. It really is such a trial in my life.

Anyway, I know as time moves on I will trap those retched fruit flies and the allergies will pass and maybe in the future I'll find a way to not hate making dinner. We can only hope.


  1. Fruit flies are so annoying! We keep getting them blown in from our swamp cooler. So they end up in a dead mess on my wood floor! So gross. I have to sweep every day or two in an area we never are in... I'm all about leftovers! I make 3 meals a week about and eat leftovers the other days! Would that work? Less dinner making! And I feel your allergy pain BUT mine are rather mild in comparison. I was just complaining to Berkley about my allergies bugging me because of the wind rustling things around...

  2. I think it would be way too hard to make a good meal after you've worked 8 hours! That is crazy. I have a hard enough time when I'm home alld day. If I came home after 5, forget aobut it. that just wouldn't happen. The recipe not turning out. It happens. BUT the more you cook, the less it happens. You start to get a feel and see similarities between recipes so your guesses get better (as well as your cooking!) Like all those healthy recipes and I think, "There's NO sugar or honey in here? Just a banana for sweetener? This is gonna be gross." Or whatever, you start to memorize unintentionally what recipes need and what you like. It woul dbe hard to do a group while working, but that's what set me off on cooking. Seeing what others do was so inspiring.

    Sorry aobut the allergies and the flies. There are so many flies in Kyrg. Once I kept my windows closed, it improved. But the fruit flies. For reals, how do they just HAPPEN!?! How are they so slow but so hard to kill?!?!

    Back to cooking- when I need new ideas, I get a cookbook and it seems to solve the problem. Greg and I really loved BEST 30 MINUTE RECIPE from America's Test Kitchen when we were both working. The recipes were fast and really tastey. We still make one of them all the time. Best bites books are really good too, along with their website. There stuff isn't hard and it's always really good. They have a quick recipe section and other things on their site. I would check it out!

    LOVE YOU!!!

  3. Oh and Clay. I would just keep trying. Eventually he'll like something. I hated rice for the first year Greg and I were married, but that's ALL HE MADE and after a year I liked it. But that was after a lot of rice!

  4. OK- the meals, I am SO ON THE SAME PAGE AS YOU, which is another reason why we need to live by eachother :) bc then we could like take turns, or just do dinner group, and make double of everythign or something. So- Mariana who has a 2 week old baby: I asked her how she was doing with meals, and she said "I just make simple meals, you know- meat loaf and a salad"- WHAT?! I've never even made meatloaf! I think some people it just doesn't stress them out, and it's like second nature to them, like how we are with treats- ha. seriously- it doesn't stress me out whatsoever to make a treat, and other people have to reall focus and think hard, and it stil doesn't turn out. So- anyway- I feel you, i am the EXACT same way. Tonight we had healthy/chocolate shakes for dinner- ha. fruit flies- so sorry. allergies- do you have htem in the winter too? love you!!!!