Thursday, September 19, 2013


I was ready for a facelift for my bedroom for quite some time, and finally decided to just do it!

I started by painting the room benjamin moore, balboa mist (matched at Lowes). We had it painted orange, which I honestly enjoyed for quite some time...but it got old after a while. 

The next step was to redo the headboard. (I cut off about a foot from the top, and changed the fabric, and added more buttons)

The next step was my duvet cover. I was wanting something more beautiful and wonderful! I found a few tutorials online of how to do this mock anthro duvet cover. None of them were exactly how I wanted...but they were a great guide. 

This duvet took SO LONG! I spent so many hours on it at least 20+. I watched LOST while I was doing it. Which was fun.

Next was the curtains, which I just took the same fabric as the headboard and did a simple square with curtain rings with clips. 

Now I just need to change up the pillows eventually (I'm not in any rush) and get some art and pictures up on the wall! 

I am so happy and pleased! I go in and it still makes me so happy! 


  1. Love it. I still cannot believe you made that duvet cover. It looks so intense. I could never do that. I haven't the patience. But it looks awesome! I love it! I wish my room looked like that! LOVE YOU!!!

  2. I LOVE your room. and again, the duvet is amazing. I love all of it!!!! amazing job! love you!

  3. I love, love the bed cover, It looks so beautiful You did a wonderful job. Amazing!!! Love you

  4. Wow! That duvet is awesome! I sew and like it but man that looks a tad intense for me.