Wednesday, September 11, 2013

I got married when I was 18, so what? {Part 2}

I remember the first time I noticed Clay like it was yesterday. We both had Humanities 101 and Book of Mormon together and about a month after I'd been there we had some group thing in Humanities. We were supposed to gather around the people around you and present some thing...I can't even remember. I think it was about some art piece having to do with a urinal. Anyway, our group was gathered and everyone was talking and I wasn't paying too close attention (cause I didn't get the urinal piece at ALL) and then someone volunteers Clay for speaking on behalf of our group. I don't remember much of any of this...but what I remember clear as day, is the moment he stood up to give the presentation of our group.

He happened to sit right behind my desk, so it's funny I never noticed him before. But he stood up and started speaking and he had this manly, CONFIDENT voice. I mean seriously, his voice was just great. I was highly impressed because it was one of those rushed things that we barely put together (in five minutes in the classroom) and he sounded like he had prepared so much. This is so typical Clay though, knowing him now. He can really make himself sound good when he wants to. 

That was the first thing I noticed about Clay. His voice and confidence.

The next day I had Book of Mormon and this part is fuzzy. Clayton claims that it was while we were waiting for this class that the next scene happens. I swear it was the other. But who knows. I'm going to just decide to go with Clayton's version cause I suppose I'm not 100% positive, which he claims he is. We saw each other waiting for the class in the hall and I said, "Hey aren't you in Humanities with me?" and he says, "Yeah...I think so" (please note- he did in fact know. he has since informed me he noticed me quite earlier...) "Do you have a partner for that project yet?" I say, (Please make another note- I made the first move)

A bunch of small talk later, we have a time and place to meet later in the day to start on the project. I'm pretty positive we met at the Spori building.

The project was a pretty great first date if you think about it. You were supposed to walk around campus and write down different art you see and the artist and what you think of it. The professor actually said before the project that he had partners of that project end up married. We told him at the end of the semester he could add us to the list!

We walked around and I remember that he smelt good and he would flirt with me and tease me. He'd do little things like elbow me lightly, or nudge my knee with his. At the end of the project he asked if I wanted to study for the test coming up and asked for my number.

Nervous, but excited...I gave it to him.

To be continued...


  1. I didn't read the first part, but I loved this part! SO fun! I love that you love his voice. And I can totally see him standing up with confidence in class too. Can't wait for part 3 . . .

  2. haha- ok- clay does have a great voice! It is just a good sounding voice, I actually HAVE thought about that before. ha. And the little nudging and elbowing, stuff- all of that at the beginning brings the craziest tingles fireworks. Love those first touches. oh and so funny and cute that you told your teacher to add you to the list. that's also a great first date, cause it's like- if it turns out great great- if not- it's just a school project.

  3. HA, I didn't know any of this! I love it!! Your girls are going to love this story!!!!