Tuesday, September 10, 2013

I got married when I was 18, so what? {Part 1}

So many people, even here in Idaho (where it's common), tease me about getting married when I was 16.

The truth is, I got married when I was 18.

I realized I've never written our story before. I really want to. Cause I don't even think I wrote it in my journal at the time! (Shame on you, young Danielle- I will forgive you if you teach your kids to always write in their journal, even though your mom taught you the same thing and you obviously didn't follow it). The truth is- I faithfully wrote in my journal everyday of my first semester in college, and then BAM- I met Clay and suddenly didn't have time for it? There was a huge break in journal entries and then all of a sudden there's this entry like, "I'm getting married to an amazing man named Clay and I love him so much!" with a dried flower from the proposal night.

So...here is the beginning of our story.

When I graduated high school, I was 17 years old. I graduated in December, because I was so over high school. I was over high school when I was 16, so that is when the planning started for me to graduate early. My mom always claimed I was an old soul, and I think that has rung true many times in my life. This was one of them. High school was totally fine for me...I wasn't bullied (much), I didn't care (much) what people thought of me, but besides all that I just didn't get my peers much. I had a few close friends who I LOVED. But besides that...I was bored and sick of it. On to college! Move on with your life! My brain told me. So I did.

I had a boyfriend at the time, Johnny, who I seriously thought I was going to marry. He was the first mormon I'd ever dated and so naturally, I thought- perfection! We will marry! But time has a way of changing things and here's what happened.

I kid you not- I think I was the most spiritual I've ever been in my life that first semester of college. I was reading my scriptures, writing in my journal, participating in hundreds of prayers a week (since I was at BYU-Idaho) and lets face it, I had the spirit of Ricks in me! (Just FYI- this is a big thing at BYU-I...the "Spirit of Ricks"...we take great pride in the special spiritual energy on campus).

I talked to Johnny all the time and one day for whatever reason, I just didn't like it. Hmmm...I don't like this, I need to break up with him. My brain told me. My heart wasn't so sure, but then the spirit chimed in and said, This is right Danielle, DO IT. So I did. I remember the conversation so clearly because Johnny said, "You're going to get married. I just know it." Of course I scoffed and laughed! Cause did I forget this part? Oh yes. Backtrack...

When I told my teachers I was graduating early, about two thought it was a good idea. The rest were worried for me. One of my fav's who thought it'd be great made me promise I wasn't going to get an M-R-S degree. She spelled it out and everything and I didn't understand. Then she wrote it on the board and I was like "OH! No...no no no no. I do NOT want to get married. Not for a long time. Don't you worry!" and in my head I was thinking- who is she kidding? I am going to have the time of my life, become a journalist, write a weekly column, and the earliest I'll marry is when I'm 20- I mean EARLIEST, and I wont have kids for at least two years after that!

I had a plan. I always have a plan. Seriously- ask anyone. My sights are always on the future. And that was my future! No doubt about it.

So when I told my reason of it just feels right  for breaking up, Johnny said, "You're going to get married. I just know it." And I scoffed and said, you're crazy.

The very next day, a boy who had a really nice speaking voice asked for my number...his name was Clay.

To be continued...


  1. I am on the edge of my seat over here! Part 2, Part 2! I've always wondered your wedding story. Excited to read the rest!

  2. Oh- and I love your font for your text and title, it's very you. I love it. I love all of this, especially bc you guys are STILL together and it's kind of like "in your face sucka!" and- you still got your degree and your license and are a CPA! You proved all the negative people wrong 100%, I love it! love you!

  3. Ha! This was fun! I didn't know you broke up with Johnny just cause. I don't know the the initials from your teach are.

  4. Love this!!! The last part sounds like my life! love you!!