Monday, September 9, 2013


I've decided to start a new blog today. I'm not exactly positive why I have felt this great need to start a new blog...but I really think it all comes back to...looking at my old blog and feeling bleh. It is so full of horrible memories (good ones too, yeah) but I look at my blog and feel so serious and lymie. Does that make sense at all? 

Well, if it doesn't, I don't really care! I'm trying this new thing in my life where I really don't give a care in the world to what people think! So far, so good. It is a real struggle, that's for sure. 

Here's the thing...I do love to write. I have loved writing on my blog over the years! But with instagram roaring it's head into the world I have found myself NOT posting or writing and just using instagram. I think most people do that. And that's just fine. But I was thinking- no! Wait a second! I want to write still! But then everytime I went to write I felt like I needed to write great or awesome or something. And I also felt like I needed to talk about whatever. 

Well, with the new "I don't care!" attitude I'm trying- I've decided...who cares? I'm just going to start a new blog! I'm just going to write what I want! I'm going to ramble and try and bring myself to center and do it all on this little blog of MINE! 

That's one reason I named it this. I love my husband dearly, yes indeed! Especially lately, it's just true. But I decided I need a me space. And incase you are wondering, my momma always refers to me like this, "Well miss danyelli! What have you been up to today?" that kind of thing. I just love it. Amy calls me Danyelli often, and out of all the nicknames of my past, danyelli is quite nice. I like it. So that's what I named this blog, cause it stems to my roots. 

I know it's silly...but again, I just don't care. New blog, fresh start :) Here's to hoping I blog more. Ta ta!


  1. OK, so it brought such a sweet smile to my face when I saw the title "Miss Danyelli" because I call you that! And when you were listing your resaons you said Mom calls you that- and I thought- "UH WHAT ABOUT ME?! I CALL YOU THAT!" and then you said I did :) hehe. I TOTALLY understand why you want to start a new blog, and not be apart of the old depressing memories. I'm really excited for what you write about, and I've been feeling the same way. I feel like I don't blog about stuff anymore. I just do updates, and I don't actually tell stories or give opinions anymore. AND, I don't put alot of thought into my actual writing! I feel like I've really lost that talent. So i think it's great that you are picking it up again, and going forward! I love you!

  2. Totally get it and hooray for you! I threw away a journal of like 4 years because it was full of depressing crap and I have no regrets! Not that you're throwing your blog away. I've never called you Danyelli, but I can hear Amy say it- that's for sure! Love you! Glad you're still blogging! It's dying out! That's for sure and it makes me sad! Oh yeah and the not caring thing- that's so great. I am having major issues with this as I grow old. It's really terrible! I want it to go away. It is SUCH a struggle for me! It's frustrating!

  3. Totally love your little profile by your pic. So cute! Makes me want to change mine up!

  4. Yay for you!!! I feel the same way about wanting to blog more, and the ills of instigram. I love instigram, but I like more info and more of what we used to do. I loved the days when we all blogged and there was no such thing as instagram. don't get me wrong, I am grateful for it because some people will never blog. But about 2 months ago our RS meeting was about journaling and the different ways we could do that. It was timely for me because I was thinking about t how I used to blog all the time and look at everyone's blogs all the time. I made a goal to blog at least once a week. But the stress of getting some things I didn't do it. I love the name of your new blog! love you !!!!

  5. I wish I made blogging more of a priority. I used to blog a ton and I miss it but life gets kind of crazy too. I love that you don't care what others think. You shouldn't. I never have. I could care less. You should publish your other blog in a Blurb book and be done with it. It may be depressing etc, however, your kids will look back on it and read it and learn what a strong mommy they had. I guess you can say that I am way into documenting family history and preserving stories etc. I love reading those things from my grandma's and other ancestors. why would my kids not like that...the good and the bad. Honestly I like reading others challenges, because it makes them human and not appear to live this so called rosie wonderful life. Now that drives me bananas. Look forward to reading about the new you on your cute new blog.