Monday, October 28, 2013

Hello! This picture is from a ropes course we did last weekend. My enthusiasm in this picture didn't last very long. But it was fun overall.

What to say what to say. I think I will do another high and low post.

High: For 11 straight days I didn't eat sugar or gluten, and I exercised everyday except Sunday! Isn't that amazing? While I did this my body felt better than it had in years. I was juicing, making meals, exercising, cleaning, working, everything was fantastic.

Low: On Saturday and Sunday I pigged out on Halloween Candy. It was so delicious! And today when I worked out my joints hurt so much. I had a hard time squatting (which tonight's class does a LOT of), and my elbows hurt off and on throughout. I don't know how many times I have to learn that sugar REALLY REALLY makes a difference on how my body feels. Like a lot.

High: I am currently blogging on my new chromebook! I like it a lot. It's super light and easy to use and it's just perfect for what I use the internet for.

Low: It is so chilly snowed :( I timed my grocery shopping perfectly so that I got out of the store when it was POURING rain and it was FREEZING! I was really happy about this (not).

High: We got a gun! I will talk more about that later, but suffice it to say...I have more talents and skills than even I am aware of!

High: We are in the process of finishing our basement bathroom right now, it is so exciting!

Low: The plumber informed us our pipes are filled with tree roots. Great.

So much more has been going on...but that's all I can muster for tonight. Life is quite good! I have bouts of sadness for whatever reason...but seriously, we are very happy most of the time and have such a comfortable life. It hasn't always been this way, so I am very happy when it is!


  1. Bouts of sadness???? There could be good reasons for that. Tree roots!?!?!?!? Terrible! What is THAT gonna take to fix. Wowser. Loved the pics on insta. So cool. Rope balancing is HARD. I love to hear how good you felt and sad when it was bad after the candy. I guess I like to know my convictions are right about food and glad you can benefit so greatly from it. I mean- WOW! But sad, because it is a hard and dedicated life to make it so. I love you. I guess the good thing is you can always get back on the bandwagon and not eat sugar and feel better hopefully sooner rather than later. LOVE YOU. Miss my sissies.

  2. I'm so glad you posted! I've missed you! But I am glad that we can look at instagram now. :D I cannot imagine being in that cold weather. Today when I went to seminary it was 46 degrees and I felt like I was gonna die. My feet still haven't warmed up. That rope climbing thing looks so cool! I'm so glad you're doing so many cool things. It's fun to look back at them, even though it's hard in the moment. We did zip lining at Girls Camp and it took everyone forever to jump off because they were so scared. By the time it was my turn I was so tired of waiting I zoomed up there and jumped right off. I didn't let the height faze me, but I was surprised how scary it was even though I knew I was hooked up. Anyway, oh! Tell Clay I finished his book and I loved it! So creative. I loved how Darcy's lightheartedness and perfectly dimpled smiles ;) balanced out Neela's stubbornness and how their determination together solved everything for everyone! And I especially loved the fairytale solution to the problem at the end. :D Love you!