Tuesday, November 5, 2013


So...I have decided. I have a way better idea about how Thanksgiving should go. Thanksgiving should be on the first Thursday of the month, not the fourth! Then the rest of November up until Christmas, can be Christmas time! Who's with me? I say we all just decide to do this. Thanksgiving, this Thursday, and then we can start on Christmas. It's not like the stores don't already do that.

I know lots of people are all thanky and stuff and that's just fine I suppose, but if I'm being honest, I get sick of it. When I look on facebook and see the same thanky stuff over and over "I'm so grateful for a warm bed" or, "I'm so thankful for my dear sweet husband", I just get a little...bleh.

Thanksgiving basically just has one day of great food and I love that day. But half the reason I love that day is because I start watching Christmas movies that day, and decorating the next.

Christmas for me is like a sister. I miss it. I long for it. I look up pictures of it to help tie me over.

I listened to a Christmas song today (who am I kidding...I listened to tons of Christmas songs today) and I almost cried. I mean I just loved it so much that it about made me cry. THAT is my level of Christmas connection.

That being said, I do cry pretty easily these days. I am on some medication that pretty much makes me very emotional. I end up crying because I'm crying. Like, I start off crying...about something silly...and then I start crying more because I am crying, about something silly. Hopefully I wont have to be on this danged medicine for much longer.

In other news, Clayton loves very much grapefruit and carrot juice. I don't particularly like it at all. But I drink it because of the vitamin C. And it's nice to have Clayton like something like that so much. Do you know how many carrots we drink? Lots! And did you know grapefruit is just chalk-full of goodness?! That's why I drink it. Clay LOVES the grapefruity taste. My face scrunches at it.

That's all for now, I shall go cry that it is still Thanksgiving time! (just joking, I'm fine about it. I am going to try and make some fall decor to brighten my Thanksgiving mood a bit- that fallish decor in the picture above is about the only thing that makes me happy about November, and my sister was born in November so I suppose I'm glad it exists)


  1. Goodness gracious - a Thanksgiving Scrooge! Awe, who am I kidding? I get sick of the people who are sick of the people who like to celebrate Christmas earlier than Thanksgiving. "Thanksgiving is not it's own holiday" or "I hate that they put Christmas stuff up so early!" I am doing the Thankful thing for the first time ever... I just find I need to be more gracious, and if it takes a holiday, oh well. But I've been listening to Christmas music since September!

  2. Haha! Thanksgiving on the first Thursday sounds wonderful! We've started picking out Christmas music to learn on the piano the past couple days and I've been getting so excited! Music, thinking about presents (to give, not to get ;), it all just makes me so excited! And about the crying thing. Happens to me all the time. Probably half of my crying fits end in me crying and getting angry at myself for crying. Not that I cry an abnormal amount, I've been so much better since we first moved, but it still happens. Love you, love you! And miss you! Hope Thanksgiving can give you a smile sometimes. ;)

  3. Oh, love the Halloween/ Thanksgiving decor and LOVE that picture of you and Clay below. It could seriously go in a magazine. :D

  4. Oh my gosh. I was like, "A sister born in november? What? Who?" And then I remembered. Duh. Oh man, that's next week. I am behind. It still feels like the first to me. I would LOOOOOVE it if it was this way! I have been longing for christmas longer than ever. Like the last 3 months. Probably because we're far from home and my kids will get it this year. So it's all more meaningful. I love your little thanksgiving thing. So cute. That reminds me I need to turn your halloween thing into the thanksgiving one. For some reason I forgot I had that! Good! Sorry you're so emotional. That's the worst. Sorry I missed your call! Our internets been out the last 3 days too.

  5. hahah, i'm laughing at the glad for november since iw as born in it, haha. AMEN sister I feel the same way about everything!!!!! I love you and miss you so much!!!! And the crying- I'm sorry but it made me chuckle a little, it's like the Something's Gotta Give movie, where she cries, and then THAT makes her cry more. It's just so unfortunately true. Well hopefully you can get off this medication soon. I LOVE grapefruit, in highschool I would buy grapefruit juice sometimes! I love it. I'm so glad you guys are juicing and getting so many good nutrients! if i were a better wife and mother i"d do it for my family! love you.