Saturday, November 2, 2013

Friday fun

This picture has nothing to do with this post. It was taken in Oregon. But Clay tells me that a post with a picture is much better than one without, so.

Well yesterday I did the dishes, cleaned the floors, cleaned a bathroom, got adjusted at the chiro (essential), sewed with a new friend, got a new costume from the halloween store at a discounted price, painted my nails, curled my hair, and changed my outfit three times! Yep, three times. In the morning I wore a sweater, but once I got to cleaning later in the day I had to change into a t-shirt, and once I realized we were going out at night I had to change into something a bit more sizzling.

I met a new friend and it's so funny how things go. We met at JoAnns and we just clicked...similar style, easy to talk to. So she gave me her number and we set up a time to have a sewing date! We finally had that date yesterday and it was so fun. I'm so excited! I love new friends and especially ones who will inspire me with sewing. Small world- Clay took her sister on a date in high school, and she used to be friends with Harmoni, Clay's sister. She's so cute and I'm so excited to get to know her better...and have more sewing dates!

It's official. Meg Ryan has the ability to play the most adorable characters ever. And Tom Hanks is naturally charming. I wish that they would make a million more feel good movies together because I'd probably watch one a day.

We saw Enders Game in the theater and it was surprisingly so good! It's fun to go to the theatah.

Clay and I have our little motivational play money system you know? The dollar for abstaining from gluten and sugar and the dollar for exercising? Well we decided when we made that system that we wouldn't spend any other money on fun things- just what we earn is spent on fun things. Well...we've done okay at that. But we also decided sometimes there are things for the house that can fall into the miscellaneous a toolbox. Well, my current project is convincing Clay that outdoor Christmas lights are indeed, a miscellaneous budget item...not a fun personal item. It is for the house, for mutual enjoyment, and while we're at it, community enjoyment. I'm pretty confident in my analysis that it is, in fact, a miscellaneous budget item. I'm not so sure Clay agrees with me but this is what I'm working on.

Today is mostly about relaxation, but Clay is baptizing his cousin's daughter later on today. I have never seen Clay baptize anyone before so I'm pretty excited about it. I'm also hoping to paint my toenails at some point...

Hope you all have a good weekend!


  1. oh my freakin gosh, what is up with me commenting on everyone's blogs and then i lose them once i press publish, like I'm not signed it, so FREAKING ANNOYING! I just posted a long comment. ugh. OK- so- sounds like a great weekend! so happy for your new friend! the miscelaneous- when we were first married we didnt' have one, bc we didn't buy ANYTHING we didn't need- ha. and now- we have miscelaneous- and gradually through th eyears, everything is considered miscelaneous! hahah. It's so bad. and so now we're going over our miscelaneous budget! but i'm trying so hard not to this month!!!! And I totally agree with your analysis of the christmas lights. You're doing it for the community, selfless service, really it's charity. You're doing for the community :) Such a great productive weekend! So great! We've done nothign!! ha. I love you

  2. Baptising. Wow. That's neat. SOunds like you've been busy. Glad you made a new friend. LOVE YOU.