Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Weather is a funny funny thing

I always have been a girl that wishes to live in the heat. Which is just so funny. Seriously- in high school I talked often about going to BYU-Hawaii, and surfing the waves, doing homework on the sand...what a dream! Well Heavenly Father decided to give me strict inspiration that the exact OPPOSITE should be my fate. Rexburg, ID. I remember the brochure said that the average degrees in the winter semester (my starting point) was 13 degrees. I think I thought, "Hmmm that sounds exciting!"

Well clearly the inspiration fate thing was meant to be because in that cold wicked wind on the hill I met my dear husband and you know the rest.

For years we both said, "to California!" after graduation. But graduation came and went and we stayed here.

We've often talked of California but usually on the perfect Idaho summer nights, and the nice fall months, I would say to Clay, "You know, I might just be fine living here the rest of my life". And I don't know why I always truly believe that. Because without fail about this time of year, some dreadful number shows up on my dash showing the degrees outside and I scream my way to work "WHY?! WHY IS LIFE SO COLD!" and I swear up and down that I could never stay here my whole life! NEVER!

I got home from work yesterday (and it was only like 20 degrees or something even! That's just so hot!) and I expressed my pains. He understood.

Well, it's funny how your perspective can change from pain and sadness, to death wishes.

This morning the power went off and affected over 50,000 people in southeastern Idaho! And guess what?! It's still not on! It's been over 5 hours! And they estimate it could take 4-6 more hours! I will tell you that when I got out of bed it was freezing cold in my house! I decided to look at my phone to tell me how many degrees it is outside. NEGATIVE EIGHT! No wonder we were shivering!

I was informed that work did still, indeed, have power. So...that means I still had to go to work! BLEH! So I got ready and headed out and wait a titch! The garage door doesn't open cause it opens on POWER! What's a girl to do?! Text my coworker, she tells me how to do it manually, and we are out! My nose hairs are freezing! Literally! It happens!

I got to work and felt the heat and I will not lie to you, it was quite the relief.

Clay's work did not have power today. So he was stuck home in the cold...wondering if life would ever be the same.

He just called and informed me that he is heading to his parents! They have power and he can't handle the cold in the house anymore!

I asked him if he was taking Dante and he scoffed at me saying, "Yeah...I'm just going to leave him, good luck Dante! Keep warm!"...well, I was just asking!

So, my friends. Wish us luck that we do, indeed, get our power back. Because it can be dreadful without it.

Also, my gas light is on...and the gas stations I passed on the way to work had no lights on their need luck in all sorts of places.

PS. How did pioneers survive? How? I am so grateful for 1) indoor plumbing and 2) heat. I mean really.


  1. Insane! I can't even handle that! I am hoping your heat gets back on ASAP! I am not a cold girl nor a hot girl. My name should be Millie, mild Millie. Not too hot, not too cold, that's how I like it. It's a warm 25* here today. You guys should just move across the state!!

  2. Amen sister. I keep waiting for the winter to get terrible here, like everyone says it will. I am starting to think people are wusses and maybe it won't get much worse. We'll see. I keep meaning to email you our info on winter gear. I just haven't gotten to it. I know I thought I was going to die in DC, but my nose hairs never froze. Byt I'm pretty sure I couldn'tbreathe through my nose cause it hurt so bad. Hope it passes soon! But I know it won't!

  3. i still can't get over this. I can't believe i chatted with you all day that day and I didn't know this was happening! that would be really freaky. I'm glad clay was able to go to his parents. i thought about dante too! the nose hair thing is so crazy. It is really sad that you don't live somewhere warm since you love it so much. but i can totally hear you saying that you love it on those wonderful nights, haha. I love you, and I am so glad your house is warm again! I don't know how you do it, bc tonight it was 45 degrees, and I was FREEZING!!!!!!!!! We went christmas light looking, and I was like- it has to be 5 degrees out here!!!! haha. I just don't know how you do it!!!! I can't believe hwo cold it is there! I just put your city in my weather app so i can alwayts know how cold it is there. I just can't believe it. it says 1 degree. haha. so crazy. lov eyou!!!

  4. Oh man we Californians really need your stories to keep us down to earth. I am the babiest of the California babies. My teeth will chatter if it is much below 70. And I used to live in Idaho! I totally remember the dilemma in elementary school of when to stop bringing my coat to school in the spring. Cause often it would get up to the 50s and I would wear a t shirt, but other days it would go back to below freezing and I couldn't. Haha, how things change. I'm so glad they're on for you now! Love you!

  5. I read this and thought I commented on it but guess not. I totally understand the cold factor, and the heat being off. When we were in the Dakotas on our mission, I remember the nose hair thing. We got a taste of the weather this past ten days, it was really cold. It was like going into a deep freezer in the garage shop. I tried to avoid it at all costs. I hated to go out into my pantry, or my freezer.I prayed for the heat to stay on and the pipes not to freeze, some of our friends had that problem. We do have the big generator, and grandpa has the pipes wrapped that are exposed, or they are frost proof. I am so grateful for a plummer who is a smart man. I thank God everyday for running water and hot water. I am so sorry you had to go through that, I think I would look into a pellet stove if I lived over there. I think of you when I see the weather over there. I love you and send you comfort Hugs