Thursday, December 26, 2013

Pregnancy 1

Well, today I got my first ever positive pregnancy test.

There I was, sitting on the toilet, waiting my three minutes, assuming it would be negative, and I glanced over after a minute and saw a faint faint line. I did a double take! I still had two minutes so I thought, okay you may be seeing things, just wait and look again. I looked at the end of three minutes and there was a definite second line, indicating I was in fact, pregnant! AGH!

I immediately got nervous that it was wrong somehow. My first instinct was, should I tell Clay yet? Should I take another test? What if this is a false positive, and I am one of those rare exceptions? What if I have a chemical pregnancy? I just know how hard its been to get pregnant, and I was too scared to believe it was actually happening.

My alarm started going off in our bedroom and I had to run in and shut it off. I said sorry to Clay who was in bed and then I said, "Hun?" in my nervous tone...he asked what was wrong, and I said, "I took a pregnancy test....and it says I'm pregnant." He hopped out of bed and said "Let me look" (he said he was worried I was reading it wrong and didn't want me to get my hopes up) and he looked and we both were just shocked.

So today is where I'm at and Clay says I should write everything down that I'm feeling.

I was convinced I wasn't pregnant, which I think is why I am so nervous I am really not. I have been having some achey joints, which happens before my period, I have been SEVERELY emotional. Like, a lot! I have had a night sweat. My boobs hurt. But a few things that have been different are I have been really really clumsy, my lips have been severely dry, and I suppose I have been more emotional than normal PMS I think. I've also had tons of vivid dreams, which is very strange for me.

I just assumed it was all PMS, especially the joints hurting thing, but I suppose that could happen when I get pregnant too.

I'm ecstatic, I'm nervous, I'm scared, I'm happy, I'm everything.

Tomorrow I am going to go in and take a blood test to confirm it because I think until that happens I wont fully believe it. We are debating telling the family today or waiting until the blood test is taken. I guess we'll see what we decide!

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