Monday, January 27, 2014

Breast-feeding, Gender, Birthstones

So a question was asked by my cousin and I realized I never covered this- BREAST-FEEDING.

Yeah, not doing it. That is one thing my doctor was sooooooo adamant about all through treatment. And I have to say, even though she was extreme on a lot of things...I have to agree with this one. Lyme spirochetes HAVE been found in breast milk, and I'm sorry but I already feel like I'm taking a huge risk here being pregnant in the first place, I surely don't want to risk any more by breast feeding when I can keep my baby healthy and alive with formula! I'm so grateful for formula...and I really think it'll be great. Do I wish I could breast-feed? Of course. I would for sure if I didn't have this danged disease...but I do, and that is life. I will formula feed! Case closed.

I want to find out the gender very badly. I have to wait until my 20 week appointment, and that's like...lightyears away. Just joking, it's about a month away. FEELS like lightyears. The problem is, everyone ELSE wants to find out just as badly if not more! Siblings, friends, everyone is just- WHEN DO YOU FIND OUT?! Always talking about it. It makes it harder to wait!

If you're wondering- I have absolutely no preference, and I can say that with 100% honesty! I am just excited to find out for name choices, decorations, clothes, etc. And just imagining it! I'm just so excited for any kind of baby! :) Clay would rather have a boy at this point, but I think he has said he really only wants a boy because he loves our boy names we have picked out. No, I'm not going to tell you what they are!

If you're wondering what my thoughts are on what it is...I have no idea. For years I have had this gut feeling that my first would be a boy. I mean, I've been convinced of this for a long time! I've always said, "Oh I know I'm having a boy first...I just do"...well flash forward to this past month. Suddenly when I'm thinking about the baby, my mind will automatically say "she" or "her" and I'm not consciously thinking this. It just comes into my brain automatically! So...there's that. So you can see why I have literally no idea what I'm having. I haven't done any of those tricky wives tale things because Clay doesn't want to be excited one way or the other and then have it switch on him when we confirm it. I have a friend and a co-worker who are convinced it is a boy, and I have a sister-in-law who had a dream about our baby and it was a girl, and Lizzie said she imagines a girl (but to be honest I think many of my family pictures a girl...cause that's kind of a common occurrence to have girls in my family). We shall see!

I have been looking at birthstones. Mine is aquamarine, Clay's is peridot, the baby's will be Ruby. Well...I was telling Clay it'd be fun to get a ring with Ruby stones in it for the baby's birthstone. And he thought I meant getting a ring for the baby to wear. Ummm...nope! He still thinks it's weird. I think it'd be marvelous to wear a ring with my baby's birthstone! Boy's don't understand these things though.

Well, that's all for now. If you have noticed, I'm not really caring that much about putting pictures up. I only take pictures with my phone anymore, and post those straight to instagram. I think I will probably just write on here and do pictures on there and print books separately in the future. But of course a pic might end up here every now and then too.


  1. That is sad about the lyme's in breast milk! Grr. Let's kill that disease. Annnnnnnd... I'm also excited to find out the gender! And I don't care what it is! (Hahaha like it's even my babe...)

  2. I figured that with breast feeding given everything about it. Formula babies are just as great despite the super diehard breastfeeders that make you feel otherwise. I couldn't feed Amy ofy boys past 5 months. I just couldn't produce no matter what I did. So formula it was and they are happy. It has it's perks for sure. As trenton was screaming in the backseat when he was a newborn, I had gunnar feed him with a bottle. I teased Mindy she couldn't do that with Aurie. Plus Clay gets to be a big part of it. That will be fun. Excited to see what you have! Girls are a huge part of the Arnold side! Unless you are married to a Miller. Haha

  3. It was the same with me and Scarlet. I just thought girl, no matter what. I keep forgetting we're the same amount along. I always feel so much farther ahead of you but I'm totally not! I thought you WERE going to breastfeed! Yes, formula is such a marvelous thing when you come to need it. I was so grateful for it with Scarlet. And honestly- I bonded WAY WAY WAYYYYYY more feeding Scarlet a bottle than I EVER did breastfeeding with Brighton. So there you go. We'll see what happens with this one. I've never known a boy who WANTED a girl, before they knew. Boys are just wierd like that. They're so afraid of girls. I think it's lame. I don't think Greg was ever ADAMANT about it or anything, but I've known countless men who were. It will be fun to know. We'll probably find out about the same time, I'm going to London around the 22 or something, I'll find out then. You sound happy. I love you.

  4. I want to know the gender, so I can make blankets and maybe a quilt. I am looking forward to what ever it is and a month will pass faster than you think. I will get some really neat fabric for what ever it is. I think it is okay for you not to breast feed, I didn't my last two, as no one thought it was important then. So formula works and is good and they seem to thrive on it also. I pray for you and the wee one each day and if you feel like it is a girl, maybe it is. Only God knows at this point. I usually knew what mine were. Brooks's wife is having a little girl in March. The Mattisons usually have boys and Jen only has one girl. So they are excited to have a girl. I will be excited for you for either. Hugs love you so much

    1. PS I have a mother's ring with mine and Ed's stone and one for each of the children. It is nice. LOL

  5. that sounds cool to do teh birth stones for babies, I wonder what ours are?! i'm going to see! Did you know that you can go into an ultrasound place- and pay to see the gender early? i think you can at 16 weeks? Just if you're DYING to know. We did that with Maddie. I love you!

  6. great blog! I never knew what I was having. I wondered with Jacob, just because I carried him differently than Rebecca. I thought I was having a boy with you because of that vision I had, not because of any other strong feeling. I am grateful you are not breast feeding, too scary!! I have a husband that doesn't' get jewelry either as you already know! love you!!!