Friday, January 24, 2014

Idaho Love

You guys, something miraculous happened that I wasn't sure would ever happen...

The other day my co-worker said, "It's snowing!!!" and I automatically (I think just cause I'm used to doing this) said, "NOOOOO!" but then in my heart and mind I said, "Oh good, I'm so glad...we need moisture for those farmers!"

Now incase you don't know is a common prayer in Idaho church congregations, in homes over meals, and basically all prayers around the state, to pray for moisture. Our state relies heavily on the farming community and without moisture, well...its just not good cause we have to grow those potatoes somehow right?

I realized in that instant that something had changed in me. I love my fellow Idahoans more than I hate the cold. I've always been annoyed when people prayed for moisture in the winter. Moisture in the winter means one thing- snow. And I never much cared for snow.

Well, I now am happy about it because it means good farming and good economy and happy people!

This got me to thinking...I feel like this is the first winter I have been in the middle of where I'm not severely unhappy. It's been a bit of a mild winter, but definitely in the 30's everyday. I have to say one thing that probably is making a big difference: gloves. I got these GREAT gloves from Ross for $7 and let me tell you...I think it's the best $7 I've ever spent in my life. I no longer scream on my way to work how much I hate my life! Warm hands on a cold steering wheel makes so much difference in one's outlook on life. Trust me on this.

I realize too that I like Idaho housing. I like how cheap it is and I love my house.

Also, I love Idaho nature. Even though the little tickies still scare me, I feel like I can see the beauty that surrounds me. Idaho is FULL of so much beauty. I love it. This summer we did lots more activities than we ever did before and I can't wait to do more! I found a list of 75 things to add to your Idaho bucket list. It's a bunch of fun things to do in Idaho and I plan get started on that list!

Idaho is generally full of really nice people. I've always complained that people aren't quite as colorful here as in Oregon...but I've found that if I look deep enough, or get to know others well enough, I can find some colorful folk around here. But really, people are generally nice. Of course you have your exceptions, but I like nice people.

Of course I still love California and Oregon (my top two choices of living if I had a chance) but I don't know...I think I'm coming around to Idaho, finally.

At least I'm making great progress...I mean seriously, I'm writing a post called "Idaho Love" in mid-January...a VERY cold time! Good for me.


  1. I'm so happy for you. I know how it's been a struggle. That's so great. I love you. Oh yeah, I love the bucket list idea. Can't wait to see what you do!

  2. Oh my gohs so annoyed, i just wrote a huge long comment, and i ust can't bring myself to write it again- long story short-I am so happy for you that you got nice gloves and that you love idaho now! love you!

  3. Idaho really does have so many amazing things about it. I saw the Idaho bucket list too and thrilled that I've done some but there were still so many I've never been close to doing. I'm not a winter person too if I had the choice but I love that in Idaho we can experience all 3 seasons!

  4. This made my day. Knowing Idaho really well, I find this hilarious. But I'm so happy for you that you are experiencing an Idaho winter without getting depressed. I can't say I ever felt that down about winter. Of course there's a certain point where everyone is tired of it (like in March or April when winter really should be over, but it's not), but since that's all I knew I enjoyed parts of it. Playing out in the snow, having snow days off of school, getting lots more hot chocolate than usual. I remember the praying for the moisture. It's funny that that doesn't happen here. Lizzie told us a story about a missionary from Idaho that had dinner at their house and when he said the prayer he prayed for moisture to relieve them from the long drought. And after the prayer Shad asked Lizzie, "Are we in a drought?" So they clearly weren't but the missionary felt that they were. XD Anyway, love you and always keep you in my prayers!

  5. Good for you! I think it is important to like where you live. I am so happy you are happy there. And I would have to agree, warm hands make a big difference!! I hate being cold! love you!!!!