Monday, March 31, 2014

26 in 26

Here are 26 things I want to accomplish while I am 26, because I just really never get sick of making lists and goals in my life...even if I don't fully accomplish them:
  1. Read a classic
  2. Finish the Book of Mormon before the baby comes (July 22-due date)
  3. Redecorate hallway
  4. Organize basement storage shelves
  5. See a play at the Playmill
  6. Master a new song on the piano
  7. Master a new song on the guitar
  8. Go snowboarding
  9. Learn how to use my new Silhouette Cameo (learn all of its functions and try them at least once)
  10. Read all of the conference talks that occur while I'm 26. 
  11. Plant flowers in the front pots and keep them alive!!!
  12. Replant a vegetable garden
  13. Walk/elliptical/bike/move 500 miles.
  14. Go to the temple 12 times
  15. Have a baby
  16. Decorate baby room
  17. Blog 52 times 
  18. Get blog books printed
  19. Clean windows- inside the cracks and everything
  20. Read a self-help book
  21. Help get Clay's second book published
  22. Establish a budgeting system
  23. Go snow-shoeing
  24. Sand and refinish my table, with plenty of gloss finish
  25. Learn to use my ice cream maker and make some ice cream
  26. Plan and execute another freezer meal day (ideally one for summer and one for winter)
Some of these are repeats from last year, which is pretty self-explanatory I'm sure. But I'll explain anyway- I didn't accomplish them. ha :) Try try again! Also, some are repeats that I want to repeat- like flowers and garden! Coming up with 26 things is hard. Did you notice one of these things is having a baby? I decided that was a big enough item to go on the list :) Also, the 500 miles thing. When I say that, it sounds HUGE. When I think about it in detail, its really not that huge. Do you know how easy it is to walk a mile? Like way easy. I do a mile on the elliptical in about 10 minutes. So if you think of it that way, it's not that far fetched to think about me moving 500 miles. Also, I plan on walking a lot this summer, ALSO I plan on walking a lot with the baby in the bob. I love this list! I think some are super fun ones, some are super productive, some are super spiritual, and some are helping develop my talents. I mean, how much more well-rounded can I get?! 

I'm excited!

PS- I still believe in blogging, I do. I like recording things other than pictures and small quick captions. I like expressing my thoughts. This is why I am trying the achievable goal of 52 blog posts, which is trying to be at least once a week. I want to keep this up. It's important to me and my sanity I think.


  1. I'm glad you like blogging. It's has pretty much died as quickly as everyone started doing it. But I'm not gonna stop! It's my thang. I thought it was so funny you put "have a baby" as a goal because it's happening either way- but you are right- quite an acomplishment. It ways out all the rest :) You sound so happy and that makes me happy. I love you.

  2. ok i have to know this asap- sand and refinish table, do you mean your dining table? if so why? explain! I love the "have a baby" ha. great goals, you have always been great at making and achieving goals. the flowers- oh my gosh- why is it so hard to keep them alive? i did 2 pots and they're all dead except a few randoms, they DID not turn out how the store said they would. UGHHH. Thankgoodness I didn't go crazy and plant all over. But I WANT TO- I would love to have flowers all over but I just feel lik eit's impossible! love you!

  3. I love #15, pretty much a guarantee that you'll accomplish that one so I think your off to a good start! And #25 is a must too, we love our ice cream maker - so many flavor combos to try!

  4. I have read your blogs and caught up again. I love the 26 things or goals you have for your 26 years. I don't think I could do that anymore because I am too OLD and it would be more than I could get done, let alone think of that many. I think all of your chores are a lot of busy work. I used to bribe the kids with things like going to movies, picnics, shopping , etc if we could just get all of our work done. We always got a lot done that way. Also had a lot of fun. It is rewarding to get a lot done. I sometimes set the timer and work so many minutes, then do something I want to for so many. That works also. I love you and I am so happy for you doing all you do. You are amazing. Hugs love you

  5. loved your goals!!! I also believe in blogging. I think when I got sick that I got out of the habit. I want to get back to it for all the reasons you said!