Saturday, May 10, 2014

Saturday Morning thoughts

Well, I have to tell you, I am getting SO excited to plant my garden this year! I loved having it last year and I learned SO much about things I liked and didn't like. For instance, I LOVE cherry tomatoes, but I HATE picking them. I mean for realsies, that plant went INSANE with hundreds of cherry tomatoes and it was just a pain to me!!!

Also, zuchinni was a waste of space! For my family at least. Clayton doesn't really like zuchinni, and I don't love it enough to eat out the BAZILLION zuchinnis that was hard to keep up on. Give them to your neighbors! You may say. Well here's the thing about this area, EVERYONE has zuchinnis coming out of their its pointless. I'll just take some from my neighbors instead :) Also, that danged plant took up the majority of the box! No thanks!

I loved having lettuce. I also loved the bell peppers and carrots. The onions flopped, which I don't even know why I planted onions cause we sure don't go through them a lot. The cabbage was way cool, but kind of a lot of effort and space for ONE harvest.

I'm still trying to figure out exactly what I want to plant this year. I'm pretty positive there will be snap peas, lettuce, spinach, kale, tomato, carrots, bell pepper, MAYBE green beans...I've got to just map it out and see. I'm still sticking with my two 4x4's, maybe if this year is super successful I will expand next year.

I really need to clean up the area cause its kind of become a mess. It's funny how moms just know better in so many things. My mom said to me last year about a spot in my yard, well you may want to do it this way because this is a nice spot for flowers that you may decide to plant sometime in the future. I just brushed it off and thought, YEAH RIGHT. Flowers over here? Too much work. Now I'm looking at my yard and thinking, oh, flowers would be so nice along that fence! Mother knows best, Danielle.

Clayton and I care more and more about our house and yard each year. Patty tells me its because we finally decided to live in our house, and stop thinking about moving. I disagree. I think its because our bodies have felt healthier and more capable each year since we've lived here. We finally have the ABILITY to do things! We have the energy in our minds and hearts to care about things other than our aching bodies. It's so nice to have interests. I was reading something the other day about how our life can only do so many things or be interested in so many things before certain criteria are met. The first criteria is like, house/food/clothing. The second is health, physical capacity. Then it goes on to hobbies, and other things. It really lit a light bulb for me because I just always wondered so many times when Clayton and I were trying so hard to get well, how did people have the energy to do all these things? I know you'd think it'd be logical and like, duh. But in the moment it just doesn't feel that way. Looking back I am like- DUH! But in the moment I just didn't know why people even cared. I thought, seriously what a waste of time to work on your yard so hard. Or I thought, that just isn't priority for me...I'd rather spend my time doing something else. Now that my physical health is so much better, I get so excited to fix up our house and yard! So does Clayton. How refreshing :)

Are you wondering all the things I'd like to do to improve our house? I'll tell you :) Number one on my list is a PATIO! Ah! How I'd love a patio in our backyard! But patios cost money, and incase you forgot, we are having a baby here its hard to justify spending large sums of money on things that aren't needed when you just never know if we may be needing that for baby complications or what not.

With a patio comes a back door from our dining room to the backyard. Right now there is a window. And in order to get to the backyard, we have to go through our garage. It's just a pain. Not horrid or anything, but it would be nice to just go out from the house. You know, luxuries.

Other items include: soft water tank, sprinkler system, re-sod our backyard (it is sooooo lumpy and has random dips all over the place. I kinda worry for our little tyke when he starts running around cause it kinda could break someones leg if they weren't careful- hey maybe I just found an excuse that made this a NEED?? hehe), granite counter tops for kitchen and bathrooms, and new baseboards and crown molding. The counter tops and molding are kinda like WAY last priority cause its just cosmetics really. But boy would they make the house look nice!

In other news, I have been having braxton hicks contractions! Its pretty frustrating. Because you know, apparently you should stop what you are doing (like working out) until they stop. So...its just not the greatest being limited. Also I was getting them in bed last night, so I had to roll out of bed (not a fun activity) and stand and walk around our bedroom. I really don't think I've been much of a complainer yet in this pregnancy, and the thing is...I feel very complainy these days. I feel so uncomfortable and squished! I don't logically understand how this baby is going to gain potentially 4-7 more pounds! Where will he go? He is already punching my ribs all day long trying to stretch out! Its amazing what our bodies are capable of.

Today I am making a fudge truffle cheesecake. Anyone whose made this knows the love that goes into it. Its a massive amount of bowls and what not. Well I have to tell you also that I am such a cheesecake snob. I mean, unless its from the cheesecake factory, or homemade by myself or a sister (don't really think my mom makes cheesecakes), or of course the master herself, GRANDMA, its just not good. I'm sorry- but so many people are so satisfied with fake cheesecake. That's all I can figure that it is, fake. Cause its like trying really hard and there must be cream cheese in it or something but it really just tastes disgusting and not even worth my sugar intake. People don't get this about me. Except maybe my sisters and mom and grandma. I really just think most people don't know how to make proper cheesecakes. I wonder if they use shortcuts, or just don't use the right recipes, or what. All I know is I've tasted far superior cheesecakes than the majority of people in (dare I say it?) the WORLD. I really believe that too.

Alright, well this has been a sufficiently long and random post. I'm guessing only Megan will read it at some point because we are pretty much the only ones who blog and read blogs anymore :) Love ya Megan!


  1. I am laughing! I love you too! I was thinking the same thing the last couple days abotu nobody blogging! Greg caught your post before me and he never reads blogs anymore. All these house ambitions. I love it and am jealous! I might not be able to do that till I have grey hair and wrinkles! Having sprinklers is AWESOME!!!! They were already there in our house and it was THE BEST. I can't imagine having to take the time to do it by hand or move sprinklers around. SO I recommend making that towards the top of the list. Patio and new door-how fun! You're so right about putting a door there. I bet you will just LOVE it. And I loved how you said it was a luxury. Cheesecakes. AMEN. Seriously. Why are some- whatever they are? I have never made that cheesecake- it is just way too much work. I'd rather just have a normal cheesecake!

    I'm always so glad we're preg at the same time. We're always going thru the same thing. I have crossed this line where I feel completely uncomfortable all the time- even while laying down! I complain constantly and basically try to avoid all physical activity. It's the worst. I don't think my others were quite like this. And I was thinking, "How is it going to get worse? Where is the biggerness of the baby going to go?" I feel him in my ribs and think, "Aren't my lungs supposed to be there? How'd he get in there?" I have never been so excited to get a baby out of me- EVER. I can't wait. I just know I'll feel so much better. I've never felt that way before. I always thought it was so much easier with them inside and now I just can't wait for him to get OUT!!! I love you. Love your plans. I hope they all happen. I'm so jealous of your garden. Greg and I fantasize about retiring in OR and having a sweet garden and chickens.

  2. pahahah. SO many things. Well, I just blogged, so I thought- hey- i wonder if anyone else has blogged, and here you are. I've just fallen out of it! Need to get back in. It has been so long I almost even felt "no allowed" to blog. OK- garden, I am SO excited for you, and that is so awesome that you have your first year out of the way of pros and cons and all that. I have to go through my first year- hopefully this year!!! We'll see. The house projects, it's so funny you posted this, bc i JUST posted the same thing, haha. Man I wish we could just win one of those home depot prizes, (you know the ones on teh reciepts that you enter and you get like 20,000 gift card to home depot?) anyway- that would be amazing! the cheesecake- I know what you mean- I CAN'T stand those cheese cake mixes- GROSS. what else..... hmm I can't remember- but I'm glad you are healthy and happy and able to do the things you want to do now. Being trapped in a weak body is not fun. It is so wonderful when you get out of it :) OH- pregnancy- ha. Yeah, being pregnant is not fun, especially that last trimester, and i don't understand where the baby goes either. Seriously, how do we fit food in our stomachs?!! i lvoe you!-

  3. I just wrote a super awesome comment (ok not really) but it went the way of the virtual outer-space. Anyway... Agh! Good luck with those stupid Braxton-Hicks!

  4. I agree with you about cheesecake; the only cheesecake that I've really enjoyed is cheesecake factory's. I guess I've never had a good home made one. Pregnancy IS rough and amazing. Hopefully your last trimester will be complication free! Good luck with your garden. This is my first year with an actual (yet TINY) garden and I am so excited for my zucchini, but I LOVE zucchini and I've never grown a plant so BIG! haha

  5. I KNOW!! I have been so busy and out of it, but will really try to do better this summer. :) Especially cause reading your blogs just make me happy! I'm so happy for you about the garden and desires for home improvements! I wish I had desires like that. Lately I fee like I've been spending far too much time thinking and being overwhelmed instead of actually DOING! I'm so glad you're not! haha! I'm sooo excited about your baby! You and Clay are seriously going to be such amazing parents and I can't wait to see the daily pics of the little cutie pie on IG! Love youuu!

  6. Btw, I just caught up on your blog and commented it on the last post. Not sure why I chose that one, but oh well! :D

  7. loved the blog! I am hoping to do better now that things have slowed down a bit. I love reading the blogs and I love posting them. My life has been so crazy the last couple of years. Your dad says they aren't going to change, so I guess it comes back to priorities, and energy. That is so funny about the flowers, I don't remember that conversation, but i believe you. Cheescake, funny, I don't make it except on a verrrrryyyy rare occasion. Babies, I don't know how they fit in there!!!! and I don't know how we do it! I just know I did!!! The last month is the pits. When i was pregnant with you I sat in the living room at the time, and worked on Christmas stockings at night, because it was to hard to sleep. Rolling over ten thousand times, and gettng up to pee for a squirt was so frustrating. I don't know how we do it!!! love you!! And I am grateful you blog!!!