Friday, September 20, 2013

New Piano Decor

One of the 25 things I wanted to do in my 25th year is redecorate above my piano. I wasn't completely feelin it before, so I thought for a long time on it just gathering random stuff at the time.

Here it is!

I am so happy with it! I got the clock at ROSS for like 8 bucks, the Mirror at Downeast Home for $13, the Tile thing at a thrift shop in Oregon years ago, and the quote print I made myself. The books are Barnes and Noble leather-bound classics. 

New decoration makes me so happy! And it feels really...ME! Which is really important for me.


  1. What the hecks? I totally commented on this yesterday. I said that I LOVED IT!!!!! I wanted to say so on insta but hate typing on my itouch. Love love LOVE it. I would have it in my house. LOVE YOU!!!

  2. I LOVE IT and it is so you! I love everything about it, and that plaque tile thing from OR makes me so happy every time I see it in these pics bc we went to that store together! love you! you are so good at decorating.

  3. I really love it and I think you are so good at the decorating thing.. Your house is so beautiful.. Hugs