Monday, September 23, 2013

Mindy Gledhill

A few years ago Rebecca was moving to California and I was helping her pack and she turned on this CD and said something like, "My friend told me about her, isn't she great! And it's so fitting!" Because multiple of Mindy's songs on her first album talk about California, and Rebecca was embarking on this grand adventure, moving to California to be close to her now husband. Anyhow, I fell inlove with her music that day. It's so cheerful and happy and romantic and so many other things. Her voice is so beautiful and I just LOVE her music. She has since come out with a great Christmas album, and a brand new album that she is promoting on tour right now. 

She came to BYU-Idaho and played at the Kirkham auditorium, and it brought back some great memories. Clay and I talked about all the shows we'd seen at BYU-I like extravadance! And some Jazz thing and a bunch of stuff. The school required you to go to a certain amount of performances to enhance your cultural knowledge or something.

Anyhow, we had great seats! We were in the third row to the right of the stage. 

Clay and I had SUCH a great time. Mindy sang just as well live as she does on her record. Her voice is so beautiful and there's something magical about it. A few of the songs that I heard before and didn't love as much as the others are some of my new favorites because seeing them live just gave a new perspective on them. Like this one.

It was just inspiring. I love lines, "I'm gonna go and take a chance, I'm gonna learn to ballet dance" and then "Maybe I'm just a little girl, A little girl with great big plans". Again, when she sang it live, it just was so much better than hearing it on the record. I just saw this woman who is singing for us, following her dreams and that it just seemed never too late to follow dreams or try new things and that its okay to want everything.

I just loved it! And I was happy cause Clay liked it a lot too! He said her music made him feel happy. Which is always a great thing to hear.

We had so much fun that now I just keep thinking and looking for other concerts we can go to! If you don't already know Mindy Gledhill, look her up- she has so many awesome songs. Here is a favorite.

Here's one of my fav's from her new one

And there's seriously tons more. Love her!

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  1. Oh Dan, I just LOVE you! I felt so happy reading this because you sounded so happy! I think it was oozing out of this post! Can't wait to watch the videos, I love her too. And she IS magical and romantic. You're totally right.