Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Some little bits

I stink at sneezing. No really. I grew up plugging my nose while sneezing, and then sniffing up the snot that found its way down and plugged. I got teased about this from my friends, and I always said, I just don't know any other way! I married Clayton and I don't even remember how or when or why but I believe he somehow taught me the method of sneezing without plugging your nose. That it is much easier and logical. I have since adopted this method, but I still often get little snots coming OUT of my nose...and sometimes at the most inopportune times! It's a lifelong learning process for me I suppose. Clay is currently trying to teach me the method of sneezing into your inner elbow (you know, the thing we teach toddlers) and somehow I keep forgetting about it. Too many rules with sneezing.

I have been making my own yogurt, and because I'm too lazy...I put a handful of raw oats in, and a sliced peach, and berries. It's so yummy and filling. And I also drink a juice with it (full of veggies). I don't know. I just feel so accomplished in my life when I have a good breakfast. I mean, really really accomplished.

The fruit flies are slowly slowly dying. Slower than I wish. I wish so badly that I could throw a grenade into my kitchen and have them just all explode. But you know...that wouldn't quite work.

I very much like the new ios7 on my iphone.

I am already making plans for new years resolutions. Isn't that just so much like me? I can't handle living in the present. I just always want what is next. I should work on that, and I actually have been. And I do believe I'm growing...but you know, it's just kinda hard to break habits of the mind.

I have started listening to the Les Mis soundtrack again while I get ready, while I cook, while I clean, while I juice. It's so marvelous! I mean I really get teary eyed and chills during different moments. It's just the most brilliant story ever told I think. It makes me want to give a go at reading it again...but it feels daunting. I dunno.

I mentioned I have been making my own yogurt. Well, I started making it with Reeds Dairy, which is a local dairy farm. Once a week I get non-homogenized whole milk. It comes in a glass milk jug which is kind of awesome because I am saving them for local raw honey that I get. After I have enough jugs for honey I will start sending them back to the dairy farm to recycle. Anyhow, this non-homogenized whole milk makes the creamiest yogurt! And I have been eating it every day and have not gotten heart burn from it (it started happening when I was eating other yogurt), so I'm pretty excited about that. And the milk gets delivered within 24 hours of milking it from the cow! Isn't that great? Now I just need to stop being lazy and make homemade granola so that Clay will eat the yogurt- that's his favorite.

Isn't my life exciting?


  1. First of all, is this "I have been making my own yogurt, and because I'm too lazy...I put a handful of raw oats in, and a sliced peach, and berries" even allowed in the same sentence? You're making your own yogurt... yet claiming to be lazy. Pretty sure that doesn't belong together at all. For someone who doesn't like to cook, you sure do projects when you do! Making homemade yogurt doesn't even appeal to me at all... unless I found a super easy recipe. Then maybe I'd consider it. :)


  2. Ok. Thought that was pretty incredible when you said, "I'm so lazy for making my own yogurt and putting healthy stuff in it." So lazy, Dan. Most people grab a coffee and maybe a donut. I'm so jealous. I really want to do the yogurt, but it' sjust ONE MORE THING. But I want to. Also, because the kids DOWN the yogurt like none else. Love the desire to throw a grenade at the flies. Makes me laugh. I miss you. Love you.

  3. I love your blog and all your thoughts, important or non important! The sneezing, didn't know this! haha. that sounds like an amazing breakfast, the yogurt with the oats, and peaches. You are so healthy! If only you knew how i've been eating lately!!!!! that is so funny and so you that you are already thinking of new resolutions for next year! You are doing EXACTLY what heavnely father wants us to: to improve and be better than we were the day before. You are such a wonderful person! love you!