Thursday, December 26, 2013

Merry Christmas 2013

This was the way we announced our pregnancy on Christmas Eve this year! I put this on instagram and facebook, and I was exactly 10 weeks! We got so much love and comments and contrats it felt so good!

Christmas even night. I was so happy all day! I was literally just dancing around the house because I was so happy to be sharing the news with everyone. I'm so happy I'm pregnant! And so happy that people can know now!

It's crazy. Everyone told me that the pain would all be worth it when it finally happens, and it will all just be a memory when it's my turn. It was so hard to believe. Honestly, Clay and I both thought it wouldn't happen for us. We had been through so much pain and disappointment and when it comes to health, we felt like we never caught breaks! And figured this wouldn't be any different. I'm happy to say that the pain is gone and I am so happy. However, I do remember the pain very clearly. I still can look back on the hard times and I think that's what makes me so happy now. I remember very much how hard it was to go through what we did and still do. Which makes the aches and pains of pregnancy feel minimal.

I have felt so blessed these past few weeks. I have a baby in my belly! A baby with a beating heart! It's growing and I am just so happy this is happening to us! I feel so blessed to have a home. I feel so blessed to have food and clothing and more than I could ever need. I've been thinking a lot of our early marriage and how we had so little! I felt it was so hard back then, but really it wasn't. But I am really glad I have enough money to buy berries and fast food now :) I feel so blessed that Clay and I have jobs that provide for us and we have two families who love us both so much. We have amazing friends and so many wonderful people in our life. We have knowledge of the true and living gospel of Jesus Christ and we see his hand in our lives. I just can't believe how blessed we are!

I've always had the belief that life balances out...and that it can't all be good and it can't all be bad...but honestly my life felt quite out of balance for a while. I still had many good things but they were so hard to see when I had constant disappointments coming from so many angles. We still have our trials and we still have things that we will be fighting and dealing with our whole lives, but this blessing has opened my eyes to the balance of good and bad in our lives. I feel so much more positive and happy. I'm finally headed in the direction I knew I was always meant to go.

Merry Christmas! Can't wait to start the most exciting year of our lives!


  1. Yay! I am so thrilled for you guys! You guys are going to be such fun and amazing parents!!! How are you feeling? Any sickness? So exciting!!!

  2. I think that's so great you wrote down all your feelings along the way, before telling people. It is so much better when people can know. My emotions have definitely calmed since that first month. I was pretty insane the first month. It seems to keep mellowing and now I'm just still tired. I thought that would be gone by now. I don't know why I think I'm so immune to everything. You guys look super great in that pic. I'm glad you're so happy. I think the pain will keep fading 'till it's gone. It's just still so fresh. I think it will be that way for awhile, but it will go away. That's what I think anyway. I know we only suffered with Scarlet for a year, and you much longer. But all that pain I thought would stick with us forever is honestly gone. I sort of feel bad, like I should still be feeling it. But that really doesn't make sense. Since it was so short for us, I think it was short to move on. So I think for you it will just take time. I LOVE YOU!!! Congrats once again and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!!!! Oooo . . . excited for the tally of your goals! ANd your new ones! But hey, you made a baby this year- that's a whopper and wipes out anything you didn't accomplish :)

  3. Mega mega mega congrats from us! We are so happy for you and wish you healthy happy pregnancy and delivery. Oh what a blessing! My one parenting advice, video, video, video. Oh and then keep up to date with organizing, printing, compiling and editing video and photos, it is so much easier to do a little here and a little there from day one rather than trying to catch up two or three years later. All of those very first days go by soooo fast and before you know it you almost forget what they were like. So happy for you, you will be amazing parents.

  4. Oh and journal. Ya know, all other parenting advice about what to actually do with the kid doesn't really matter, they won't care one bit. All you will want to remember is all the sweet moments and every chubby roll and every tiny finger and every sweet coo.

  5. I LOVE YOU! I am so happy for you guys. You havhe been through so much and are so strong because of it. You have amazing insight and maturity from it all. And I agree with Megan, I feel that in time the pain will fade. It is still so fresh. I love you!

  6. loved the blog!! I am sooooo happy your are pregnant! I am also so happy that you and Clay don't have as much pain as you used too. I also know that things go up and down, and sometimes at the same time. The more grandkids we have the more it feels that way. I am looking forward to the attitude of my mom. She accepts life with all its ups and downs with gratitude. I am on that path, I feel it. love you so much!!