Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Quiet mornings

You know what? I've never totally considered myself a morning person because I hate getting up each morning. Well, with quite a bit time off at home lately (with the holidays) I have come to notice something. When I don't have to go in to work, I usually wake up at 8 or earlier, naturally. How backwards is that? Everyday I go to work it's like I wish I were dead because I don't want to get out of bed. I think really I just don't want to go to work.

So anyway, it's 8am here in the Phillipp household and I turned on the Christmas tree one last time for the year and am writing some quiet thoughts.

My pregnancy dreams are crazy. Last night I dreamt that my car stopped working, so I tried just in the parking lot to unlock my car and I saw somone elses car unlock, so I tried to see if my key would turn it on, and it did, so I took it! All of  a sudden down the road I thought, oh CRAP! What if I don't get back with my car part (cause like, I was going to fix it myself or something?) before the owner of this car is done working out?! (Cause I was at the gym) And then I was like, oh dear they would be so confused! I feel so bad! And what I keep wondering as I am awake is...why was my concern for their confusion...and not for the fact that I just stole a car? Well...I kept going anywho, thought I'd risk it I guess, and then suddenly, I FORGOT WHERE I TOOK THE CAR FROM. As in....I also forgot where my dead car was! So yeah that was really stressful. It never resolved.

The other night I dreampt that I had gotten Hugh Jackman out of the country illegally, and if I didn't make my court date ontime to prove that I was innocent, I would go to jail! Tom Habberford from Parks and Rec was helping me gather my evidence, and he was being so slow, and turns out- we weren't going to make it ontime! I knew what that meant, I needed to flee to Mexico. But I woke up so who knows the outcome of that.

Seriously, stressful dreams!

I am officially 11 weeks pregnant today. I hope that means that within a few weeks I will no longer get sick at night. Now, I feel silly even complaining- so I wont. Cause seriously, that's all that happens...night sickness. I don't even throw up! It is a bit irritating though...so hopefully it goes away :) But if it stayed, there could be worse things.

I'm going to complain for a bit. I am sick of people being so judgy towards others because of their clothes, hair, or freaking BODY. It's annoying. And I know I'm judging those who are judging so it's kind of ironic or whatever, but seriously...I get sick of it. I have this person on facebook who twice now has like openly judged styles and I think its rude. And arrogant. She clearly feels she is an authority on the matter and I really don't think ANYONE is an authority on the matter. I don't even think those people from "What not to wear" or "Fashion Police" or any of those shows are authorities on fashion. Okay- and the people of walmart website. I have to admit to you I have in the past looked on that site and giggled...but I always felt a bit guilty afterwards and I realize why now. Who freaking cares how people dress and why should I have the right to judge them for it? It's rude! Out of all the reasons to laugh at or put judgement on someone, why would I choose their looks? First off, I HATE when people say something like- did you see her lips? or her nose? Or their kids? Like- that is the worst. I hate when people just judge someones actual face or body that GOD GAVE THEM. Do you think he made a mistake? Do you think he appreciates you calling them ugly? Gosh. And as far as what we wear...if people like wearing crazy outfits, or pajamas, or unflattering things...I say, good for them! It doesn't hurt me, and I say, if they feel confident in something that I don't- good for them! Yeesh. I'm sorry- I'm just sick of this type of thing. I feel like it's so natural and normal for people to slap on a general judgement, and even specific judgement, about bodies and clothing and it does no good to the world. Can you imagine if you were a person that found yourself on a site dedicated to making fun of how people look? I would be devastated and feel humiliated for a very long time. I think people forget that we are all human beings with hearts and feelings. I'm choosing not to support these things anymore...and that's my rant for the day!

I'm excited for the new year. It will be good I just know it! Have a fun night everyone! And I probably wont blog till next year so...

ha ha...New years humor :)

PS- Clay says his Christmas diet (eating lots of crap) doesn't end until Jan 2. What? Don't good habits start on Jan 1? I say. He says, no no- he will have leftovers from New years Eve to eat on Jan 1...so best wait to start on Jan 2.


  1. Great blog!! I hated dreams when I was pregnant. I have to say yours made me laugh. I could tell though that they would be stressful in the moment. But really being more concerned about the people being confused than that you just stole a car! I'm with Clay, New Years day is still a holiday. :-) I don't understand people that make fun of other people. I think when people wear what they feel comfortable in they look more beautiful, because they feel good about themselves. I think people that make fun of others probably were raised that way. At least that is what I have observed. Also life eventually makes us wake up!! love you soooo much! I got my second real simple magazine! :-)

  2. Ok, that is funny because I was just saying to Greg about January goals and the 2nd to Greg. Who's gonna wake up at 6am and work out on January 1st? Not if they celebrated teh night before! Seems hypocritical, but I gave myself the day off. And now my kids and I have been puking the last 3 days, so I'm DEFINITELY not meeting my goals today, and that's ok. Loved your rant about appearance. It's so true. I mean, I'm not quite there. I do think judgements, but I don't think it's ok to say them outloud. In fact I HATE when people do. Not that it's ok to think them. I just think saying it outloud encourages more judegment from yourself and others and that's BAD! I feel like I have a major problem judging people that look NICE. I think to myself- did you REALLY just spend an hour on your makeup and hair? REALLY? Are you THAT concerned with looking good? It's stupid and rude, but I do. It's probably because I don't look as good as them and wish I didn't look so crappy.

  3. hahah on clay's diet. So the clothing thing, I'm so curious what this girl was posting? It seems like such a highschool thing to do. I really can't think of a conversation I've had like that in a long time. NOW, I will judge celebrities- haha. If they wear something crazy, but I suppose they are real people too! I TOATLLY agree and have always felt the same way about literal looks, like their faces, because god made them that way, and it's not making fun of them, it's making fun of god, I've always felt that way, and I HATE it when people say things like that. and as far as wal mart goes, I'm totally turning into a walmart white trash girl- haha. I never look good when I go to walmart, haha. So I started thinking the other day, I dont' think I'm ugly, or gross, so what if all those "gross" people actually are really nice looking people but like me, didn't take a shower or care enough to get dressed? But if i saw them all showered and dressed I'd think they were really nice looking? Do you get what i mean? And i just realized, I'm sure people look at me at walmart (when i'm in sweats and nasty) and think of me liek all those "walmart people", am I making sense? It was a real eye opener, and i thought- i bet most of these people look really nice when they get dressed! anyway- now i can't remember what else you wrote about . . . love you!

  4. oh your dreams! hahah i was laughing out loud. so random, where do these dreams come from?!!!