Thursday, December 26, 2013

Pregnancy 2

Well, to update from last time...I am DEFINITELY PREGNANT!

At six weeks exactly I got an ultrasound and there was a fetal pole, a gestational sac, a yolk, but no heartbeat. The doctor wasn't worried at all but I was terrified! Lots of women hear their baby's heartbeat at six weeks so I was so worried. We made an appt for two weeks later and I got that ultrasound last week.

We saw our little baby and its heart beating away! It was beating so fast and was totally a baby! There was a head, a body, and even an eye socket! Crazy!

Right now I am about 9 weeks along and so far I have definitely had some  nausea. I have not ever gotten MORNING sickness. More so afternoon and night sickness. I am more tired than normal I think but I think my biggest symptom is my insane emotions. I am not very patient and very irritable! Oh well. I told Clay that I have two hearts in me so that is twice the emotional response :)

I'm still nervous as heck but after seeing the heart beating away I am much more hopeful and calm about it all.

We are both so excited! YAY! I am due July 22. Woohoo!

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