Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy 2014, baby!

Oh man. I am convinced that this will be my best year yet. Really, best year of my life! Why wouldn't it be? I am growing a baby in my belly and come July, I will hold it in my arms and kiss it!

Ah. That is a beautiful thought.

Also, new goals are here! I and many of my siblings have often tried the all or nothing type diet thing..."NO SUGAR! NO GLUTEN! NO DAIRY! NOTHING THAT TASTES GOOD PLEASE!" cause we just never seem to be good at moderation. My dear husband even knows this about me and reminds me of it a lot how I just don't have control. Even though I hate when he tells me this, it is true.

Well this 2014 business is going to be great. It is the year I shall master moderation! My sister Lizzie rang me up this morning and we discussed all our thoughts and wishes for health and moderation. I am happy to say we came up with a list, and are starting the new year with some really healthy plans. It's not a diet! It's what I really think moderation is meant to be.

I hate when people use hashtags in replacement of sentences. BUT I think hashtags are really useful for grouping photos. Therefore, I started a hashtag on instagram called #healthybody2014. I will take pictures of food, of me exercising (i mean kinda), and tag it with the hashtag so all those photos will be grouped for quick motivation! I hope you'll all join me and use it as well. I like having others be healthy with me so that I feel stupid if I'm not healthy. You know? Peer pressure still runs deep in my blood :)

The only other resolution I have is to keep track of our budget and actually have solid real numbers I can say, "Yes, we saved this much" or "We overspent in this category this month" you know? I know, I'm an accountant- I should LOVE budgeting, right? Not so much. But this year, I will do it.

So, to recap, healthy body and budgeting. Those are my resolutions.

Hoorah hoozah! I feel good.

Happy New Years! I really am convinced it will be the best year yet.

PS. This past week my belly has popped out a bit! People are noticing other than me and Clay! It's kinda fun but kinda weird!

And I really just wanted to get this pic on there cause I love it.


  1. That pic of Dante is hilarious. It totally reminds me of a little toddler in a silly outfit. You take such good pics of yourself. I never look that good smiling with my mouth closed. You do, I'm a bit jealous :) I'm glad you're having such a good year! I think it will be good too. Not to knock you off your motivation, but be prepared for that last trimester- things change when you're HUGE and just getting up from the couch is a bit of a task. But I think you should totally work out. That's awesome. I keep saying I will, but still haven't. I'm not so worried about it either way. What happens, happens. What is your food list? You didn't say. Or was is just the hashtag thing. I hate hash tags. I mean, what you're doing sounds fine. I barely even understand hashtags. I think Greg told me they're tweets. It's when you mention things like this that I'm reminded how you are definitely in a younger generation than me. I feel like I just missed the cut off for all the techy stuff. Like if I was born 3 years later, I would be up on it all, or a lot more anyway. Anyway. Great post. Love that you're happy. You deserve to be. Love you!

  2. oh my gosh i just love that pic of dante, he is so cute and so funny. I'm so happy for you that your belly popped out! You know, you not enjoying budgeting and being an accountant is alot like how I'm an english major and don't like reading. haha. Now do you understand?! Well I really hope it works for you, it feels good even when you go over, just to KNOW. Your healthy goals, why didn't you share them? i want to hear what your plan is exactly. Like, is it a certain amount of cookies? or per week? etc. are you and lizzie reporting to eachother? also, I have tried to have pepople explain hashtag to me a thousand times, and i just don't understand it, not like- i don't like it, but i seriously don't understand how it works!!!!! It's like a hard math problem for me, I don't understand it! can you explain this to me sometime? you are so good at making goals, and are so motivational. I love you so much.

  3. Hey wow!! So exciting for your guys! I read the news a while ago but I couldn't post for some reason! You guys will be great parents and we are so excited that you can grow your little family. Hope all goes well. the kids really liked the pict of Dante!

  4. I love that pic of Dante too!!
    Oh I can't wait to kiss your sweet baby either!! I love your goals, it will be interesting. I think it is possible most of the time. It is possible to have a bad day and get right back on course. I have been there. It takes the attitude you have, a buddy and getting back up when you fall down instead of saying I failed I can't succeed. love you sooo much