Monday, January 20, 2014

Cleanin house

So we are getting our house refinanced which is VERY EXCITING!

We will get a lower rate, shorten our loan to 15 years, and hopefully get our danged mortgage insurance off!

Because of this...we had to get our home appraised. need to know something about Clay. When something like this happens, he gets stressed, and he gets to work, and he puts YOU to work. We slaved and slaved and slaved away on Saturday and part of Sunday.

Here's some of what we did:

deep cleaned kitchen
deep cleaned bathrooms
vacuum basement
rearrange basement
carpet basement bedroom
clean out closets
touch up paint
take down Christmas lights
sweep out garage
vacuum and mop hard floors & tile
clean walls of slobber
put away laundry
carpet a closet

aaaaaaand I feel like I'm missing something. But seriously, it was a lot of stuff. We were both exhausted by the end and its all done and just like I predicted...the appraiser didn't lift up the toilet seats, pull back the shower curtains, OR open all our closets.

That's okay. It's good to have some sort of motivation for cleanin up house every now and then.

Our house is cleaner than ever, and it smells good. We are trying our best to not live in it.

Here's to hoping the appraiser decides our house is worth lots of money so we can drop our mortgage insurance! And here's to hoping the day we close on our rate it is lower than EVER! (1%? Lets hope for that...ha)

Really though, this will save us a TON of money in the long run...which makes us so excited. Giddy, really!


  1. Yay for you! And that is all lot at stuff. Even though you didn't need to do all of that but it feels so good to have such a clean house,!!! I hope you get everything you want I'm very very excited for you both!

  2. Inviting people over for dinner always gets our house clean. Haha. A clean house always feels so good!

  3. Man that sounds like a lot of work, but seriously I bet it was worth it. Clean houses just feel so good and it can actually happen when you're motivated to do it!

  4. Oh my gosh, seriously it is so great you got all that done before the baby! It's so hard to get things done after a baby! You got SO MUCH DONE! I'm so happy for you!