Friday, January 3, 2014

Healthy Body 2014

Alrighty, so I mentioned my new years resolution with Lizzie to eat more moderately and such. Here is what we've come up with:



1. Breakfast and lunch are whole foods
2. Go out to dinner only once a week
3. Small healthy treats are permitted once a day (no replacing meals though)
4. Small sugary treats are permitted once a week
5. Report every breakfast, lunch, and treat eaten to partner with pictures.


Whole Foods: Whole grains, fruits, veggies, no dairy, no processed foods

It is okay to go skip a day on holidays. Try to keep it to just one day.

If you go out to lunch or breakfast with a friend and can’t eat whole foods, try to make up for it at dinner and eat whole foods then. If this isn't possible, don’t guilt yourself, the majority of the time you are on track! It’s okay to not be perfect when we are eating moderately.

Remember that eating moderately is the way of the Lord and we will be healthiest and least stressed eating this way. It might not shed the pounds like a crazy diet, but it will help our body and soul be at peace and feel its best. We will feel closer to the spirit and be beautiful because of it.


Now you may be wondering, "What is a healthy treat?". Well if you are a freak like us, you have tried many forms of natural sweeteners such as dates, coconut sugar, raw honey, pure maple syrup, etc, in order to sweeten things without using poison sugar. Because we have been so NOT moderate, we try these things to help us eat treats without the anyway, we have decided that treats used with natural sweeteners, and no white flour are okay to eat in small amounts each day. 

We are on day two of this so far so good. ha! Hopefully we keep it up. I've also exercised everyday this year :)

We (Lizzie) are trying to get a good solid list together of ideas for breakfast and lunch that are whole foods. It's harder than it seems! So far we've done oatmeal, smoothie, soup, salad. 

Here's to a Healthy Body in 2014!

PS- My dear family...just doesn't understand hashtags. I will try to explain them. Hashtags are when you put the pound sign (#) infront of a phrase or word. When you do this, the REAL purpose behind doing this is to group like things. Group pictures, group phrases, etc. So my purpose on instagram for using the hashtag #healthybody2014 is that I can click on that hashtag and see all the pictures I have tagged. So all my "healthy" pictures having to do with this resolution, are grouped in that one spot and not jumbled through all the rest of my pictures. ALSO, other people can use that hashtag and add pictures to the group. So if you took a picture on instagram of say, a smoothie, and said, "Oh I love starting my day out right! #healthybody2014" Then your picture of your smoothie would show up in the same group as my healthy pictures. It's just a way to group things.

That being said, that isn't what a lot of people use hashtags for. They often use them in replacement of sentences just for fun or's completely defeating the purpose. But the original purpose is to group like things, as I am doing :)

So hopefully that clears THAT up. 


  1. So funny. It made me laugh that I wasn't the only one that didn't get hastags. I've been saying it to Greg for months and have been slowly getting it as Greg fills me in a bit. I usually cut him off and say, "I don't care." I guess I thought you had to actually connect it to a LINK. ALL you have to do is put a number sign in front of it? That seems so easy. I think it's a great idea. I was so glad to see you're "exceptions" of when you eat out with friends. That's the first thing I thought of! Or if you're on a trip or seomthing. Whole food lunches. i know you don't eat bread, but do you count home made bread? I feel like that is a whole food if you made it yourself. You guys eating meat helps. Oooo, eggs. Fritattas, quiches (maybe without crust?), omelettes or just eggs and whatever scrambled in. What else? . . . I guess I'm wondering how WHOLE FOODS you're getting. Like, what about yogurt? Yogurt with oats with nuts and fruit. Oooo, BEANS!!! You could do a whole beans, tomatoes corn, avocado thing and just not have the chips, unless you count corn chips as whole because they're just corn? Again, the whole foods thing. I suppose those are processed, but not that bad. Like I know how a chip is made. You could eat it with rice or OOOOO, I've done that with quinoa and it's GOOD. Potatoes are good bases, you could top them with stuff, chili, veggies and cheese? Or add fries to the meal. Man, not even WHOLE RICE GRAIN pasta? That does make things harder, if you're being super strict. I'm a little embarrassed I've asking these questions, like I've totally lost my healthiness. Well, good for you. If I think of anything else, I'll let you know. I know this is sweet, but a sweet potatoe, butter, honey and pecans would be pretty dang good and completely whole and healthy and just happening to be that yummy. LOVE YOU!!!

  2. HAHAHA, love the hashtag clarifications. I hate how people use them, totally agree with you on that. Anyway, I'm so happy for you and your goal and am loving your instagram posts! Love you!

  3. Thank you for explaining hash tags for the technology impaired! I might add mine to your healthy pics. It is interesting because your plan is like WW's simply filling plan. (which is what I am doing right now) I am so happy for you that you are learning to eat healthy and create healthy habits.
    love you!

  4. I love you and I have read all of your latest posts, and will comment here. I agree with you about the hash tag and I do understand what you say, but I am an old dog and I probably won't do it. I am not always good at eating healthy either. Sometimes I am just too lazy, and sometimes it is just your fussy eating grandpa. Oh well I can always find excuses. I love that you are so happy and you look so beautiful in your picture. I agree with you about judging and I think we should look at people through our childhood eyes, as the scriptures say, we cannot enter into Heaven unless we become as a little child...... So children don't care if we have on stylish clothes, or spotless ones, or make-up they accept us and love us no matter what, so we should love and accept others the way we find them and do less judging. You are right about that. I send you hugs and lots of kisses, and please let me know asap what the sex of this new little one is so I can begin to make some blankies for him or her. Love you so much

  5. Hey did you ever report on your year end goals? I'm curious about your numbers.