Thursday, January 23, 2014

Happy happy fun things

So my friend Lori texted me and asked if I wanted to join in with her and her sister on reading through a list of books (we will be picking and choosing of the list) that are coming out this year in theaters. This is the link to the list:

We started with Labor Day because it comes out first and the movie looks good! I invited some of my other friends to join in and they are and its great! I totally read the book! I really needed some motivation to read...cause...sometimes I just get out of the zone.

I'll tell you if you're interested that this book was really good. I liked the writing style (pretty different) and the story. It's NOT plot driven, so if you need a lot of action and movement in a story...probably not for you. Very character driven. WARNING: I do not suggest this to anyone under the age of 18. It is narrated by a 12 year old boy who is going through puberty and there are some topics covered that really shouldn't be read by a youngin. Also, some adults might not like this (I mean...I didn't really love this, but I also didn't mind toooo much, but I didn't feel it overpowered the book so I was able to look past it), for instance my friend has a 12 year old son and was weirded out a lot by some of the scenes. After all those warnings...seriously I was very pleased with it! I like slow moving books that have character arch's and growth and things.

I am going to attempt reading Pride and Prejudice again...since one of my goals before my birthday was to read a Jane Austen book. We'll see how I do.

Clay has been an organizing maniac since the appraisal. That's all he wants to do. Make every nook and cranny in our house organized and clean of junk! He has thrown so much away. It's great, and it' He likes me to participate in this activity and sometimes (all the time) I just feel like laying in bed and watching tv. Oh well, it is good. We will have our room totally free for baby stuff by the end of the week I think! Not that we are getting anything huge...I will wait for garage sale season for that I think.

I heard the heartbeat of my baby last night because I'm a freak and worried so much that something was wrong because my belly shrunk. What a relief :) The baby was moving like crazy! I couldn't feel it, but the doppler was indicating movement with scratchy noises. I love hearing that heartbeat! And I love that my baby is active and moving!

I, myself, have been very active and moving (and lazy on my bed too I guess with the tv watching), but I make it to the gym pretty often! I feel pretty good about that. Let me tell you something- I DO THE ELLIPTICAL FOR 45 STRAIGHT MINUTES! You guys, this is a miracle. I've discovered something...ellipticals weren't meant for doing by yourself. I can't do it that long by myself. I think I'd be lucky to get 10 minutes in by myself...without thinking I'd rather die. But when you have a friend talking with you the whole time, it is easier. I know people that can do ellipticals by themselves for an hour and I have to say, you people are not human.

I have been doing great on my new "diet" thing. I seriously have been eating whole foods breakfast and lunch pretty much every single day since the new year. It is FANTASTIC. It makes me feel really good and its just great. It's really motivating to have someone to report to.

Overall life is quite good. I am enjoying it :)


  1. I wish Clay lived in my house right now! I am overwhelmed right now! The book thing is tempting, will have to think about that. I couldn't make it through Pride and Prejudice, Rebecca says its a great read out loud book. How fun to hear the baby. ohhhh.... The eliptical, I used to talk to people when I was on it and it was sooooo much easier. I agree it is borrrrining without a very good movie, tv show or person. I am so happy about the food thing. Love and miss you!!! .

  2. Man, you must feel really good. Ok, the stomach shrinking. I thought I was WAY SHOWING early in my pregnancy, but it was just all the BREAD I was eating, made me bloaded and look way more pregnant than I really was. I didn't know it was doing that! As soon as my appetite got back to normal, I stopped eating so much gluten and crap and suddenly I hardly looked pregnant at all. It was really shocking. So it was probably something like that. I wanted to tell you incase it happens to you again. I'm glad you could go to the doctor and feel better. I love how much you love being pregnant. I think that's great. I finally felt the baby last night, but it was still so faint, it took me awhile to be positive! Something about my insides, I think I just can't feel my babies as much as others. You sound really happy and that makes me happy! I miss you and love you!!!

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  4. Ok, I just read your comment that you're not jumping. If your doctor told you not to, that's fine. I haven't RESEARCHED hardly anything, but I knew so many people in DC that ran 'till they gave birth. Like my VT ran 3 miles the day she had her baby. What could be more jumpy and bouncy than jogging? And my old Zumba instructor teaches 'till the day she delivers. So I figure if all these women can work out so much and have safe pregnancies and labor- then it's FINE. My zumba intructor keeps telling me not to jump and do the ab moves. I hate it, because I do it and feel great. Just wanted to tell you that, but obviously- I'm not a doctor and just do what feels right to you and your body.

  5. wow that is just incredible that you work out 45 minutes on the eliptical! amazing! You are being such a healthy momma! and the eating too- wonderful. that' so great that you are cleaning out your house of junk. It is really funny how similar clay and i are. haha. I can't believe I have forgotten to ask what room is going to be the baby's room! I'm so happy for you that you got to hear the heart beat. I love you!