Saturday, February 15, 2014


It's Saturday and I am happy.

I already made myself some perfectly delicious almond flour pancakes with bannana and pure maple syrup, along side 100% orange juice. It was SO GOOD! Perfect start to the day.

Today I have a few things on my list...


I have decided that after this blog I will start on what I want to do least. That would definitely be the kitchen. I hate doing dishes and wiping counters so much I want to kill it. Who wants to spend their spare time cleaning the kitchen? I don't even mind the bathrooms as much. Clorox wipes have literally saved my bathroom cleaning life. Just wipe wipe wipe and you're done! I mean pretty much anyway.

Floors...that's hard. BUT I can usually convince Clay to do that part so, lets cross our fingers on THAT.

I have one tiny tiny pillow in my living room. It's fine and all and I still love it but I have two couches and one of them is a leather couch that is not very homey feeling and so it desperately needs pillows! I have decided its definitely time to put pillows and curtains in my living room. So my goal today is to get a start on that and possibly go to home fabrics or something to see the possibilities of fabrics.

I also may do my nails...they have gotten pretty long and its hard to do certain things. I like them shorter I've decided (Clay will be disappointed).

In other news, Clay has felt the baby kick! It was really exciting.

Also yesterday was Valentines Day! I have to say I did some pretty cute things. On Thursday I brought home a heart-shaped pizza from Papa Murpheys. Now this is nice on two levels. Clay LOVES papa murphes pizza. I mean, love love loves it. We have had it for his birthday dinner before. I don't at all. I mean, that's not true. I still eat it. But it always, without fail, gives me heart burn. Not ALL pizza does this- Papa Murpheys does. It's an issue. But anyway, that's number one reason this was sweet of me. Number two reason (and main reason) was I was being cute because the first big move Clay made on me back in our baby days was sending me a heart shaped pizza on Valentines Day! So it was all cute and stuff. Clay was super happy.

Then yesterday I left him a note in a bag with oreos and milk (and a cup so he could dip the oreos) that said, "Dear Valentine, we go together like cookies and milk!" How cute! Clay is also obsessed with Oreos. If I had to say what Clay's favorite foods in life are, I'd say they were Papa Murphey's pizza, Oreos, and Doritos. Anyway- he loves Oreos and milk so this was perfect. I didn't come up with this cuteness on my own of course, I saw it online...but it was perfect for Clay. He also loved that.

Anyway, I just was pretty proud of myself, so I figured I better record it somehow cause I totally spaced taking any pictures of any of it.

Clay got me a ring that is a gold owl type thing, super cute. He picked it out all on his own. And apparently there is more to come! Just hasn't gotten here yet. YAY! I am so excited- I told him he was required to tell me on Valentines Day what he got me if it hadn't gotten here, and he said that wasn't how it worked. SO...I have to wait and see!

Alright, I better get to those dishes. They wont do themselves (which by the way, lets get some scientists on that shall we? Put dirty dishes on the counter and have them magically scrape themselves, put themselves in the dishwasher so they are most space efficient, but still washable, and then have the kitchen self clean its own counters...really, someone should figure out this technology).


  1. Oooo, a cleaning robot. I would seriously invest in something like that! That is a money maker idea. It's 3am and I can't sleep and feel like crap. ARGH! So I finally got up, made tea and here I am. You sound happy! That makes me happy. Greg and I did nothing for V day. Well, practically. I put in a frozen lasagne- that I didn't want to eat, but it's his favorite (lasagne) and I actually cleaned up a little. I was feeling like crap all day so this was quite the to do. But Greg came home super late and was kinda grouchy so it wasn't such a romance day for us. I kept forgetting, all week, it was even happening anyway. That is great you guys do things! Greg and I are such party poopers about holidays and anniversaries and stuff.

  2. My comment just disappeared arggggg!!!!!!! It was long mad good! Oh well. Your valentines day sounded nice and thoughtful on both sides! We weren't prepared, are going to go out next week at April s. Cleaning, definitely need Star Trek there. Doing the least fav dies is good, I usually am early motivated after that. I am still in my robe aner need it get up and start dinner cause we are supposed to go to the church for a stake mtg. But the wind and rain is pretty bad is I don't know If we feel safe doing so. There are lims coming down. They haven't cancelled it yer so I don't know what we are doing for sure. Oh yea can't believe you don't have pillows!!! Hope you got to them. Love you!! Glad you blogged!,

  3. I think your Valentine plans were great, we had a pretty nice day, went into town, big thing for us. Had a nice lunch and bought grandpa a new suit. He hasn't had one since we went on the mission. I got a really great buy on one at JC Penny and 2 new white shirts, plus a neat sweater for Jake at the counter for a really great price and the whole thing was 105.00 and I walked out of there feeling great!!! Such a great deal the suit coat had been 180.00 and the pants 90.00 the shirts 30.00 each. Just all round a great deal. Plus when we got home we had a new juicer on the porch delivered by fed x yes! I was so happy. I think I am going to love it. Made Carrot and orange juice last night it was yummo. Thanks for all of your help. Love you so much and am so glad you are feeling great I love feeling those little sweeties kick. So sweet, Bet Clay though it was special. Hugs and stay well and safe.

  4. oh i know. dishes. ugh. you had a BIG list for saturday! i hope you didn't ware yourself out! pillows and curtains ahhhh so fun! I love doing that kind of thing. I"m eccited to see what you do. I love you! and fun V-day stuff.

  5. Haha, I loved this post and how you kept talking about how cute you were. And I agree! We were at Lizzie's this weekend and for Valentine's day she got us heart shaped pizzas and I totally thought of you and Clay telling us that story about you "in your baby days". Haha! Love you sooo much!

  6. You're pregnant!??!!! I know I should probably know this by now, but I forgot that you changed your blog address.. Congrats girlie!!